Tips on Choosing the Right Furniture for Your House

Best Furniture

When setting up a house, selecting the right furniture which is a good combination of your ‘needs’ and ‘style’ is an important milestone.  Purchasing the right kind of furniture for your house is a practical exercise – it encompasses the requirement of a place to sit, an area to cook and eat, a place to sleep and storage options. House construction companies in Lahore recommend that on the outset of a layout plan, furniture placement and spacing must be considered in order to avoid any future complications.

Apart from the practical aspects of furniture selection, it is vital to include your own emotions and personality when buying furniture. After all, your house and everything in it is a reflection of your mood and preferences in life. Considering the fact that you build most of your treasured memories in the space that comforts you, furniture selection for your house must be a combination of your style, mood, the functional requirements along with the quality and cost of the furniture you choose. Below are a few tips and tricks to help you select the right furniture for your house.

First and foremost, you must have a preplanned budget that you have to work around. Having a set budget has advantages in several ways – one, it gives you an exact idea of what you can afford and secondly, it minimizes the risk of any future disappointment in terms of having to let go of something that you really like but can’t afford. With a vast variety to choose from in today’s world, it is important to keep a check on how much you spend on a piece of furniture. For instance, if you spend half of your budget on a single reclining chair for your living room, you may end up compromising on the remaining furniture for that room which will ultimately have an impact on the overall look.

Secondly, try to mentally visualize what you want your house to look like. More than often, people’s houses circle around a certain style or theme. You can easily tell when someone has placed random pieces of furniture in the house and no theme/style has been followed. Although ‘abstract’ styling is a form of art in itself, however going completely random with furniture might not be a good idea.  As an added factor, once you know what style or theme you intend to follow in the house it becomes easier to select furniture accordingly.

Categorize your furniture shopping into two broad categories: Essential Furniture and Complimentary Furniture. This makes life a lot easier! Once you have the basic necessities covered for every room in the house and if that is covered within your budget – then you have all the extra amount of money that you can spend on adding cherries to the cake. Therefore, depending on the size allotted to each room (in square footage) and your basic requirement for that particular space, you can prioritize your furniture shopping.

When shopping for furniture, always keep in mind the space. In other words, don’t purchase furniture items that are a misfit for a particular room in your house – for example; buying a 6 seat dining table to keep in the kitchen when there’s space for only 4 seats. Modern house designs in Pakistan emphasize on the need to have maneuvering space in the house and the same can be achieved with smart furniture selection and placement.


4 Ideas to Give Your House a Contemporary Look

Modern House

A contemporary look, according to modern home construction companies in Pakistan, encompasses the idea of having a range of styles that have evolved and developed in this century. There are several different aspects to this. Outlined below are some of the ways that a house with traditional interior can be transformed into contemporary style.

Begin with Paint!

The colour of your house will speak volumes about the style that has been followed throughout. Choosing the right colour for painting your house, whether on the outside or on the inside, can be quite a challenging task. More than often, everything else that comes into the house is somehow decided with reference to the paint palette that has been used. Out of the endless range of colours and textures that are available, only a few suffice to bring that touch of sophistication that you are looking for. The interior can either be designed around understated hues or a mix of loud and dramatic tones. Hues however, more instantly bring that glamorous feel to the house with their elegant palette options.

Wooden Floors

It may seem like wall-to-wall carpet provides a very warm and cozy environment in the house, however it fails to match with the level of elegance that comes with wooden floors. They are surely more appealing in appearance and can easily be installed at an affordable price. Hardwood floors live longer than carpets do and are also much easier to maintain. Technology and development has now helped achieve a variety of colours, textures and materials to choose from for wooden flooring. The different types of wooden materials also vary in their price which makes it easier for the buyer to select what suits his budget the best.

Consider Developing an Indoor Garden

Although every home will not have a floor plan that allows for indoor gardens, however nothing like it if one can be created in the house. One of the most popular design demands in modern home construction these days is the development of an indoor garden. All that is required is a small space or a corner of your living room or the area under the staircase, and by developing a basic garden feel you can tremendously contribute towards creating a contemporary look in your house.

Include Contemporary Art

It is, most certainly, a beautiful combination to have thoughtful architectural design go hand-in-hand with contemporary artwork. You can have décor items or paintings which complement the contemporary design of your house. Even adding a few books on the shelf that are about historical artwork or modern design can make a difference. Playing with the aesthetics of the house can add great value to the overall contemporary ambience of the premise.

4 Ways to Create Energy Efficient Home Designs

Energy Saving Tips

Construction that is energy efficient basically includes heating, cooling and water mechanisms that are cost and energy efficient. The greatest benefit apart from comfort and cost saving is that such structures promise a longer infrastructure life.  Home construction companies in Pakistan are now focused more than ever on creating energy efficient designs. Some of the ways to create such home designs are shared below.

Energy Utilization Assessment

Before investing into any new idea or method, an initial assessment is a must. If you are remodeling an existing structure or building a new house it would be wise to first conduct an energy assessment survey and see where you stand. There are some companies that exclusively offer the service of conducting an energy audit for your building. This assessment will give you and your architect a clear picture of the present consumption of energy in your house and will also propose what the best ways would be for you to cut down on energy wastage as well as its cost.

Design Smartly

Experienced home construction companies will begin their task by smartly designing a cost-effective design.  Once this is successfully achieved and agreed upon, builders who are well-versed with the idea of energy-efficient construction will build upon the design step by step. This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of designing a net zero energy home and for this phase to be successful it is vital that the builders, architects and planners must be on the same page at all times. Factors such as the surrounding climate, the overall size of the structure and the building orientation must be the basis of the proposed design.

Solar Solutions

One of the most readily available natural resources is sunlight. Advances in construction techniques and building materials have persuaded architects and builders to make use of solar designs. Using solar energy is one of the most effective and smart methods to cut down on electricity bills for your home. There are many ways in which solar solutions can be incorporated within home designs.

Energy Friendly Appliances

Last but not the least; an energy efficient house is not complete unless the daily working materials within the house are also installed with the purpose of saving energy. A recent study shows that over 60% of the energy use in a home is accounted for by the plug loads and appliances that are used in the house. The best way is to eliminate phantom plug loads in the house. Managing energy efficient plugging systems for house appliances is an essential part of ensuring an overall energy efficient home design.

4 Recommended Kitchen Designs from Top Interior Designers in Lahore

Kitchen Design

This year kitchen trends are leaning towards more personalized and individual styles, rather than the more traditional and formal designs. From quartz counter tops paired with metal and wooden accents, to kitchen islands in monochromatic hues and shaker inspired designs, this year trends are shifting towards modern yet unique and customized styles.

Today we are going to share some of the latest kitchen designs and trends, suggested by the top interior designers in Lahore.

Monochromatic Hues

For a more contemporary and sleek design, consider shifting towards a monochromatic color scheme. Turning towards varying shades of gray and white undertones, while pairing them with bold and vibrant accents can help create a warm and rich appeal. When paired with sleek counter tops and minimalistic designs, dark wooden or tiled floors can help add a modern and contemporary vibe to your kitchen. Most interior designers recommend the use of white backsplashes and white Corian countertops, for a minimal and sleek design.

Mixing Metals

While you might not be inclined towards painting your kitchen in one color, consider the addition of metal accents, for a more personalized touch. As stainless steel no longer has the expensive and exclusive appeal which it once had, most people prefer the use of copper and brass accents, as they give a more warm and homely touch to the interior. The use of metal can help add character and depth to your kitchen, as mixing metals can add visual interest. Copper accents and accessories are often used to add contrast when paired with black or dark interiors.

Replacing Granite with Quartz

Most interior designers and construction companies recommend the use of quartz in kitchens. Although the two materials nearly give the same look and finish, quartz is preferred as it is durable and resists scratches, burns and chips. Quartz, unlike granite, does not have to be sealed annually to prevent stains, while its subtle color gradation lends itself well to sleek and contemporary designs.

Sleek Countertops and Handless Units

This year interior designers are moving away from decorative and glazed styles, and are instead turning towards modern and sleek designs. Contemporary countertops while maintaining the impression of non-cluttered and clean spaces, are slimmer and thinner in their designs. Pairing these countertops with solid gray or white accents, can help add a compelling, and refined touch to your interior.

One of the more highly recommended kitchen trends includes the addition of sleek, handless units in gray or earthy tones. With a streamlined and uncluttered look, these units are excellent for adding a simple, yet modern finish to your kitchen.

We hope that you enjoyed these design trends and were inspired by these kitchen styles. For more design trends and household tips, stay connected to our blog.

A Look at Home Construction in Pakistan

House Designed by Amer Adnan Associates

One of the most rapidly growing industries in Pakistan in terms of business as well as public awareness is architecture. Although the field entails a versatile range of services, when it comes to home construction – architecture is about the creativity of design and efficient utilization of space. It is imperative for any successful home construction company in Pakistan to have a strong business relationship with civil/mechanical engineers. Primarily, in any construction in Lahore or anywhere in Pakistan, it is the civil engineer who focuses on innovation to bring to reality an architect’s creative design. In order to achieve successful results house construction companies in Pakistan aim to maintain good communication, skill and quality control check with their civil contractor.

Considering to be one of the most challenging jobs for an individual and also for an architect, home construction in Pakistan requires expert strategy and execution skills. Modern house designs are simple on the outlook but are very complex to design as they require creative skills that can manage spaces efficiently with a subtle and elegant overall look.

Today parameters such as quality, creativity, productivity, efficient and timely execution of work and safety measures have become key differentiators for the construction industry in Pakistan. Companies that have an edge on the listed benchmarks have a stronger and loyal clientele as opposed to those who have questionable credibility.

Another key element that is part of the home construction job is proper project management. Often companies provide very good home designs and have a good team of engineers lined up to execute the plan. However, they lack efficient project management tools and mechanism in order to monitor the execution of work at every stage and plan ahead of time what needs to be done next.

Companies offering a complete range of residential construction services include building the project from scratch and also indulge in remodeling existing structures to fit the client’s need. The range of services offered by such companies include, full remodeling, concept-to-completion home construction, household repairs, design and plan, design and construction of kitchen, bathroom and rooms separately, outdoor layout and design, basement renovations and designs etc. Home construction companies in Pakistan are often equipped with competitive architects, a team of management staff who look after the completion of each task in the project and supervise the overall project and a team of engineers who are experts in technical/mechanical/electrical tasks on the project.

After discussing the objectives, requirements and the client’s budget architects or home construction companies in Pakistan provide various predesign services such as environmental studies or determining feasibility. Unless it is predefined by the client, home construction companies also assist in the selection of a construction site and accordingly produce a cost analysis and land-use report. For instance, space requirements may be determined by the age/number of potential users of the house. Once the feasibility is approved by the client then the construction company prepares drawings along with a report presenting ideas for the client to review.

Then the construction company/architect develops the final construction plans that demonstrate the building’s details and appearance. The plan also includes drawings of the structural system (ventilation, heating, etc.) plumbing, landscape and site plans and electrical layouts. Construction companies also provide guidance regarding construction material and interior furnishing.

The construction plans are to be continually revised on the basis of client’s needs and budget constraints is a necessary part of the job.

Architects and home construction companies sometimes specialize in one phase of work whereas, most home construction companies in Pakistan cover a greater range of services that focus on planning, predesign services and construction management till the final execution of the project.

The Smart Technology: Home Automation Achieves New Levels of Innovation

Home automation is the next big thing in home construction and design. The concept has already established a footprint globally. Recently, architectural companies in Pakistan have also started tapping into the world of smart homes. Some control activities such as turning off a light or disabling an alarm are rather simple and inexpensive. Other complex operations such as advanced surveillance and security controls require more investment of both technique and money. So, is it as good as it sounds? Let’s go through a few things you can control right from your smartphone, and you can then decide for yourself whether it’s worth the investment.

Lighting Management

Lighting Management Through Mobile

Yes, you no longer have to get up from that couch to turn up the lights. A simple tap on your smartphone or a voice command is all you need to do and voila, you can now remotely control the lights of your entire house all from that smartphone in your hand. Shell some more rupees and you can even alter the intensity and color of the lights. All you need is a home automation device to be wired with the lighting system you would like to remotely control, and the device can be easily synced to your smartphone. If we have a look at the latest home construction in Pakistan we’ll notice that the architects always leave a room for automation systems to be installed in electrical sockets and distribution boxes.

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems Through Smart Phone

Security being a major concern in Pakistan, surveillance systems have the highest demand when it comes to home automation. Basic surveillance systems are already being widely used, especially in the corporate sector in Pakistan and advanced possibilities are being explored. Smart cameras are directly connected with your home’s internet connection, making real-time surveillance possible from your smartphone. The premier home construction in Lahore and in other urban cities of Pakistan includes pre-installed surveillance systems.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control Through Mobile

Installing a temperature control system in your home is a technology rather common, but managing it with your smartphone is undoubtedly an innovation worth attention. With a smart temperature control system installed in your home and a complimenting control app installed in your smartphone, you can remotely manage the temperature of every single room in your home. Whether it is turning on the air conditioner before arriving home on a hot day, or turning off the heating system while your kids are asleep at home, it is all possible.

Curtain Mechanism

Curtain Mechanism Through Smart Phone

Curtains are no exception when it comes to smartly controlling your home. Yes, curtain automation isn’t restricted to installing motors and controlling them with the given remote device. You can now automate your home curtain mechanism to an extent that they are completely operated through your smartphone. By managing curtains, shutters, blinds and awnings right from the palm of your hands, your life would become far more convenient than you had ever imagined.

The modern-day technologists are constantly working on making life easier for us; let’s see what else enters the list of smartphone automation in days to come.

Modern House Design Ideas for Small Patios

We often associate beautiful homes with sizeable spaces, which is absolutely not the case. Modern home designs in Pakistan are no longer the only developments attracting attention. Homeowners and professionals are equally curious to explore creatively designed spaces. Modern home décor trends are now all about utilizing the teeniest corners to their full potential.

With the unnatural hike in land prices across the country, people are now compelled to live in smaller homes and this is why utilizing smaller spaces more efficiently has become one of the primary challenges for architects and designers these days.

Where a lot of time, effort and money is spent on home décor, patios are often overlooked. Let’s have a look at a few simple, quick and cost-effective ways to make even the smallest of patios look beautiful.

Hanging Bistro Lights

Bistro Lights

Bistro lights are a great way to bring a cozy feel to your patio. To get that perfect soft light effect make sure you use milky bulbs. Using a warmer shade will add a classy touch to the aura. A wide range of ready-to-use bistro lights in a variety of styles can be easily found at any nearest electrical supplies and accessories store.

Planting a Vertical Garden

Planting a Vertical Garden

Plantation has been an evergreen technique for decorating smaller exteriors. Whether you hang spray-painted cans or specialized wall planters, they will for sure breathe life into your patio. If your residential area is prone to attracting insects, you may opt for artificial plantation.

Decorated Rocks and Pebbles

Rocks and Pebbles Decoration

Artfully placed rocks and pebbles are also a good way to decorate patios. However, plain rocks and pebbles may come off as a bit dull. A great way to add some color is by artistically painting them maybe to look like ladybirds, smiley faces or anything else that you like.

Artificial Flooring

Artificial Flooring

Floor coverings come in many styles and sizes, and help define outdoor spaces. You can either lay an artificial turf on your patio’s floor to give it a complete natural look. Alternatively, you may use panels or even a patterned rug, as per your preference.

Placing Smart Furniture

Smart Furniture

If your patio can accommodate some seating space, adding a compact coffee table with a chair or two is a great way to add some glamor to your patio while putting it to some practical use as well. If you still have some space left you could also add a small bench to complement your furniture.

You can now enjoy a cup of tea with your loved ones in your beautifully adorned patio. Have fun and we wish you a happy living.