Your Kids Bedroom; a Dilemma

Kids Bedroom

Ever wondered why your kid’s bedroom turns into a whole complicated process?
The answer is quite simple; a kid’s bedroom is a place where most of his memories are made, his toys, games, and his favorite comforter everything is there. The place usually turns into a mess because your kid has to play, eat and practically do everything. The place has to be organized in such a way that even with all the mess the place looks tidy. Yes, that’s correct tidy!

Having to organize or design your kid’s bedroom is the easiest thing to do these days. With Interior designer, brands of furniture’s available you can customize your kid’s bedroom into anything spectacular. The best of the best are the bunk beds which leave a lot of space for your kids to play around. Especially when the room is a bit smaller, the bunk bed allows you to add a small desk underneath for them to sit and study when they want.

Apart from the bunk beds there are also options like cupboards which are foldable; they can house twice the amount of clothes and shoes in them than any regular cupboard. Also boxes of medium and large sizes are available for placing all the toys and other stuff in them. For the stacking of crayons and other drawing material cylindrical objects are available in all shapes that the kids like to place them. Drawing boards are even available for you to hang on to the walls so that the kids have ample space to draw.

The whole point of a kid’s bedroom is to give them ample space to move and play around. Interior designer keeping things in mind that your kid’s bedroom is going to be the best part of his life where he not only creates memories but has a good time creating them.


Wrought Iron or Wood

When it comes to Pakistani home décor women have particular choices, while some go for themed furniture others tend to mesh things up. But two of the most important materials used in home furniture are Wrought Iron & Wood. While wrought iron brings class and a certain aura of mystery to your home wood adds elegance and sophistication.

Wrought Iron is usually chosen by women who have a much darker taste in colors and shades. Their home would represent dark colors like maroon, black, burgundy, dark purple etc.  The whole place will give off a rich, dark aura of mystery and the highlight would be during the evening. Wrought Iron is not only used for furniture ladies, but also for railings, wall décor and garden furniture. In fact, mostly wrought iron furniture which is delicately carved is used in gardens to increase the overall appearance of the place.

Wrought Iron Interior Design in PakistanOn the other hand wooden furniture has always been a crowd pleaser, from beds, sofas to chairs they have been preferred by everyone.  Lately wooden furniture has been used in a lot of Pakistani homes as lounge and garden furniture. Off course the wood has to be treated before it can be used as garden furniture to provide resistant to moisture and termites. It can also be meshed with metal and other elements to create something beautiful. Amer Adnan Associates has been advising their clients to use wrought iron or wood when it matches the whole outlook of the interior. At times people tend to use wrought iron when it does not fit well and vice versa.

A good sense of interior design and blend is needed to make sure your home turns into something spectacular for the people to see.