Themed Interior in Pakistan

themed bedroom interiorHitting the interior design industry with a boom is the term “Themed Interior”, people in Pakistan are no longer sticking with traditional or old ways to decorate their home. They are more into themes now especially when it comes to Lounges and individual personal rooms.  Interior Designers in Lahore are now in touch competition to beat each other when it comes to bringing themes to someone’s room. Some are meshing local ideas with western, some are going Arabian and some a total western make over. But no longer are people stuck in cages of ideas where practicing anything new in your own house will be criticized.

Among the top interior themes seen in Pakistan are the following ones which are going with the personalities of their respective owners. An African theme is seen mostly in the lounges for all those who are in love with the wildness of their life and Africa. Amazing stripped rugs and wall paint is seen gracing the indoors. For all those budding writers we have with us we have the hand sketching and wall writing theme. Walls are covered with beautiful scripts and scrolls which show the love of a person for writing and reading. Often time’s huge images of books stacked together are also seen on the walls. For all our soft natured people we have the beautiful pastel shade floral patterns gracing their rooms and lounges. It gives a serene atmosphere and shows how subtle the nature is.

The trend I like to highlight the most in the indoor plantation concept which women in Pakistan are adapting with speed. It’s the most sought after trend where women need a piece of nature in their house probably the kitchen (Placement of herbs in small pots, like mint, coriander, chilies, Oregano etc.) At times the terrace is graced with flowers and a curtain of beautiful flowers and leaves is thrown towards to porch. It naturally acts as a barrier for wondering eyes. Which not only proofs that Pakistan is now changing trends when it comes to interior and ideas but also that anything is not possible in your own country.


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