Pastels – What to look for & How to do it?


It’s something in the winter/fall season that makes us all go mellow and sink deeper into ourselves and the others around us. The whole season speaks of comfort, pleasure and love. Comfort food, family gatherings, movies all night, and there are those times which you spend alone. The reason I mentioned all these events and little tidbits was to tell you that you need colors around you to match these moods. These settings, gathering all work with pastel shades. Yes, pastel shades are mellow colors that are soft to look at and the best part is all these colors can be presented in a single room and it would look all good. Interior Designers in Lahore are well aware of all this information and that’s how they are able to help you to their best.

Pastel shades include mellow tones of Magenta, Violets, Blues, Greens, Yellows and Oranges.
Your entire home can be done in pastel colors and different rooms can show different moods and present different settings. The only thing lacking here would be the confidence of interior designers in Lahore or interior designers in Pakistan and clients to apply this. This is a very bold move, yes you heard me right a very bold one indeed! In the world of glamour there are two things that work. One is your own boldness, if you can pull this off and if you do not feel guilty or do not have pressures from your family. The other is if you are a glamour girl and are willing to set for something artistic and classy in nature. What we can tell you is that once you work with the right designer, pastel shades and your home will turn into something magnificent. Not only will your home have a secret hide out from Florence, Rome or Paris but it will also be the envy of many homes. Pastel shades are easy to work with and you do not even need expensive accessories to work with the colors. Any fabric of pastel shades, along with some light colored furniture and then the walls of the same color will create magic and nothing else.


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