Cheap ways by which you can insulate your house


Home insulation is a growing trend in Pakistan. It is a permanent solution to the energy crisis and helps cutting the electricity and gas bills down to a great extent. But as much as the upper class of the country is benefiting from insulation, the lower and the middle class can still not afford it. Any Architect in Pakistan you turn to, will charge you a lot of money for home insulation. Some large associations charge more than the average wages earned by the local people of the country.  So, the poor and middle class families are left to face the energy crisis while the rich are able to find permanent solutions. But, as they say, everything has a solution and all we have to do is to search for it thoroughly. You do not have to pay hundreds of thousands to get your home insulated, you can also do it with a limited budget. Here are some cheap ways of insulating your house:

Seal your windows

You do not have to be highly educated to understand the importance of windows in maintaining the temperature of your house. The glass of the window is not enough to block the air from entering in to your house as the air might seep in through the panes. So, the first step towards insulating your house is to seal your window panes. The simplest way to do it is to place thin plastic film on the panes. You can also use any sealing material available in market. But, make sure that all four sides of your windows are completely sealed to block the air.

Caulk the doors

The gap between your doors and the floor also serves as the passage for air. Sealing your doors can reduce the temperature of your house greatly. You do not need any fancy sealing materials for that. A simple piece of cloth placed under the door would also serve the purpose.

Insulate your water tank

Insulating your water tank will lower the usage of water coolers in summers and water heaters in winters, hence saving money in both the seasons. You can hire a local plumber or a handyman for this purpose who will charge less than expensive home service providing companies.

Install reflective barriers

Reflective barriers are made up of a shiny reflective material like aluminum and act as shades. They reflect off the sunrays providing an excellent thermal insulation for your house. You can install these barriers by yourself or alternatively you can hire someone to do it. These barriers are placed on the roof at an angle where the sunlight is hitting your house.

Mud layering:

Mud is the cheapest material for home insulation. It works just like any other insulating materials such as polyurethane, but costs 5 times less. For mud insulation you should avail services of an Architect in Lahore because you might not be able to do it yourself.

If you adopt the above mentioned, simple methods for home insulation, not only will you fight against the energy crisis, but will also find yourself paying less than half of the bills that you paid before.


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