Why Maintaining Proper kitchen Ventilation is Necessary?


Kitchen is perhaps the most frequently used place of your house, especially in Pakistan, where the trend of eating home-made food is popular. On the special occasions, like, invitations, Eids and other special moments, people enjoy having family get togethers where they can enjoy home-made foods.

Although, people in Pakistan spend a lot in decorating their kitchen’s interior but one thing they might ignore is the arrangement of proper ventilation. Most of the people have a misconception that ventilation is only needed in narrow or congested kitchens because too much of smoke or aroma makes it difficult for a person to prepare a meal. Others might think that aeration is necessary to take away smoke and aroma from the kitchen.

A proper kitchen venting throws all the aroma, steam and smoke directly outside of your house. By hiring a top Architect in Pakistan, you can make kitchen more airy and ventilated.

Why Ventilation is Necessary?

No doubt, the food aroma is good to increase your appetite but you would surely not go for it at the cost of your expensive home’s look. Do you know the gas, aroma, steam and grease, generated while cooking food, if not passed outside, can ruin your house interior? Some of the foods generate more smoke and aroma during preparation which ultimately gets trapped into the window sills, cabinets, furniture and other things. Moreover, if not properly expelled, the smoke and grease can also dim the look of your paint by making a layer of fumes on it.

Poor Ventilation Damages Health

Moreover, when you cook food on gas, carbon monoxide is released in the air due to flame. The accumulation of carbon monoxide can cause a variety of problems, which may include headaches and nausea. Even the aroma of some foods can cause severe sneezing.

You have to decide about the ventilation of your kitchen while constructing your home, because once you have completed the construction, then it becomes difficult for you to add a vent hood of your choice.

Thus, with every aspect, proper ventilation of kitchen is highly important. You are not necessarily to go for expensive ventilation systems for your kitchen; rather a top Architect in Lahore can suggest you the best aeration within your allocated budget. Moreover, he can also suggest you the best places in your area, where you can buy quality products at reasonable prices.


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