Interesting color schemes for living room


Your living room is the heart of your house. This is the place of family gathering, whereas your bedroom defines your personal space, the living room of your house defines your family and your lifestyle. According to Amer Adnan, a famous interior designer of Pakistan, your living room should be vivacious and full of life. It should be cozy, warm and welcoming yet trendy stylish and chic. The color combination that you decide for your living room plays a crucial role in making it so. Here are some interesting color combination ideas for your living room:

Warm and neutral

Neutral colors are soothing and project an aura of comfort. Being very popular these days, neutral colors like beige, ivory, champagne, peach and grey look very stylish and trendy. The best thing about neutral colors is that they all go perfectly well with each other. You can mix match and create a beautiful palette of neutral shades to give your living room a warm and cozy touch.

Apple green and dull brown

Many famous interior designers in Pakistan suggest this beautiful combination for living room. The calm and serene apple green matches perfectly with dull brown. This combination is lively yet warm and cozy but most importantly it looks extremely stylish and trendy.

Blue, white and cream

This combination is lively yet sophisticated and very chic. You can match light blue, dark blue or even royal blue with dark cream and pure white. White serves as an ideal contrast to blue and cream, and allows both the colors to stand out. This combination lightens up your living room while maintaining class and elegance.

Yellow, green, beige and grey

Saffron yellow, light green, beige and dark grey combine to make an ideal combination for a living room. According to Amer Adnan, this combination has everything- vivaciousness, class, coziness, elegance, style and sophistication. Go for this combination if you want a lively, stylish and bright living room which is full of life.

Chocolate brown, off-white and mint green

Chocolate brown matches up perfectly with off-white and mint green colors. If you have children and you want your living room to be fun and stylish, go for this combination. Chocolate brown and mint give brightness; off-white gives a mellow tone balancing both the colors.

The above mentioned color combinations suggested by famous interior designers in Lahore serve to be ideal combinations for living room. Not only are these combinations stylish and trendy but they also add life and soul to your living room.


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