Oil Spills Removing Tips from Carpets to Secure Your Interior Design


Carpeting your floor is not easy because you have to hire the services of an interior designer in Pakistan,as he being a professional can choose the best that not only suits your room but also your budget. Therefore, you need to maintain a neat and clean look of these rugs, because a spotted or untidy carpet not only ruins your house interior but is also the waste of your money.

Oil spills are always difficult to remove, especially from the carpets. When oil spills on the carpets, it gets easily absorbed in the fibers and becomes difficult to remove. However, the oil spills are not impossible to clean; all you need is to follow some tips.

Material that you might need to remove these oil spills is;

  • A cloth that can absorb liquids/newspaper/brown paper bags/tissue paper
  • A dishwasher
  • Cornstarch
  • Vacuum
  • Toothbrush/or any other brush which can clean a cloth
  • sponges
  • water
  • towel

Here are the tips you can follow to remove oil stains.

  1. You need to immediately clean up oil with an absorbent cloth, because if left on the carpet for a longer time period, the oil may get trapped into the fibers more firmly. Therefore, put an absorbent cloth on the oil spill, let it be there for a minute or two and clean the oil by applying little pressure on the surface of carpet. Once the oil from the surface is taken off, you can put a tissue paper/newspaper or a towel to further clean it, because all of these materials have high absorbing capacity.
  2. The second step is to pour corn starch on the area with oil spills and brush it slightly to remove the trapped material from the carpet. Leave the cornstarch on the area for one hour.
  3. To remove the corn starch, you can vacuum the area. In case the oil spills are larger, you can apply a second coat of cornstarch and leave it for another one hour.
  4. The next step is to put a grease removing detergent on the area and also pour some water to make foam. Rub it with your fingers or with a brush so that the oil is removed deep down from the fibers. Once rinsed completely, you can again take a cloth, soak it in water and place it on the affected area to remove the foam.
  5. Repeat the process until all the foam is removed completely. To dry this area, put a towel on it and press it firmly so that all the water is absorbed. You can turn on the fan to dry the area further.

Thus, by completely removing the oil spill, you can make your carpet as clean, as new. 


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