How Sponge Paint Makes Your Walls Attractive?


Off all other things, paint is perhaps the biggest and most important thing to enhance your house interior by decorating your walls. It does not take a too technical work to sponge paint your walls; however, for the best color and design selection, you should consult an interior designer in Pakistan.

Sponge painting gives your walls totally different look by bringing an effect of delicacy along with the dramatic look of rough stoneware.

You can use the following tips to sponge paint your house in the best way.

Materials Required

A roller, disposable latex gloves, drop cloth, natural sea sponge, polyester brush, paint tray or bowl, painter’s tape, water, an extra plastic sheet, paints of different colors.

Prepare Walls

Before starting sponging, you need to prepare your walls by cleaning and leveling them properly. To get best results, you should go for acrylic primer, before applying base paint.

Prepare a Mixture

You need to prepare of mixture paints after reading the instructions on the guide provided with the paint. You need to thoroughly mix the whole mixture and then put it in a big bowl.

Apply the Mixture on the Walls

You can damp the sea sponge in the water to make it soggy because using a dried one will not work properly and it will absorb too much of paint mixture. Do not get a too much of paint on your sponge because it will make clusters on the walls.  You can start from any corner and follow a proper sequence till the end.


Be careful that the base color of the wall is totally different from that of the mixture you prepare for the sponge paint. If you are keeping the base darker, such as chocolate brown, then go for the golden or copper sponge paint. This will give more prominent and attractive look to your walls. There is no restriction to sponge paint whole wall with the same color; rather you can go for two or more colors. You can also take an idea from a Top interior designer in Lahore about the sponge paints pattern and colors, which will be compatible with your house interior.

In case, you are using two-color sponge paint, make sure that you go for the second pattern, after the first dries completely, especially if you are applying these in overlapping patterns.


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