Colors that can make your small room look larger

The color scheme plays a very important in determining the overall look of your house. Not only do the colors affect your mood and behavior but they also play a role in making your house look bigger or smaller. Because of the effect of colors, some of the best interior designers in Pakistan suggest that you play special attention to them while designing your house. Where people with large and spacious house have a plenty of options to choose from, people with a small house have to be very selective about the color scheme they choose. The first step towards creating an illusion of a larger room is the color selection. Colors to avoid Before we get into which colors you should choose for your small house, let us first look the colors that you must avoid. First of all, avoid loud vivacious colors. Colors like red, pink and orange can make a room look smaller and claustrophobic. Also avoid colors like royal blue, mauve and black as these colors create an illusion of a smaller space. However, if you are insistent on having some color in your house, interior designers in Lahore suggest that you use dark colors in combination with the lighter shades. The darker the shade, the smaller your room will appear. Extremely dark colors make a room look like a small box. Colors to choose The color scheme that you want for your house depends entirely on your taste, but if you intend to make your small rooms look bigger, there are some ground rules that you must know. The first rule of designing a small room is to choose mild and earthly tones. Your color scheme doesn’t necessarily have to be boring and dull, but it shouldn’t be gaudy and loud either. Try going for neutral and pastel colors instead of darker ones. Colors like peach, ivory, champagne, grey and beige are ideal for smaller bedrooms. For your smaller living room you can choose rust, light purple, dull green, olive, soft yellow and blue. You can add in a splash of darker shades by having light walls with bold colored covers and decorations. One way you can make small spaces look large is by having monochromatic theme. When the ceiling and the walls will be of the same shade, an illusion of a larger space will be created.


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