Different Types of Doors

Once you are done with all construction work including your ceiling and floor, the next step starts with the doors and window making. Usually, the doors inside the house are wooden whereas for the main entrance you can use an iron gate because wood is not a good option in an exposed area where sunlight and rain fall directly.

You need to choose a door while keeping its design and material in view. You can choose from a variety of doors available in the market ask your interior designer in Pakistan to guide you about the type of doors that suit your house interior.

Here is a brief description about different types of doors.

Hinged Doors

This is the most common type of door used in the house. These are available in various designs; you can either choose a carved hinge door or simple design with a locker on one side.


Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are not that popular but these are usually used in the huge entrances and you can open them according to your needs. If you require a little space to pass through an item, you can open only one fold whereas to move the huge items in the house, you can open all the folds easily. Usually, such kinds of doors are either used as the main gate or in the porch entrance.

French Doors

French doors have been in use since long, especially in the historical buildings of Mughal periods. However, these are still in use. French doors are mostly used as main gates. These are available in a variety of designs and materials.

Sliding Doors

The modern style doors are being largely used in Pakistan.  You do not need any hinge to make them fix in wall; rather you can slide backward and forward. Comparative to hinged doors, these provide enough space to pass through. The most advanced types of hinged doors can even be concealed inside the wall cavities.

Tilt Doors

This is a kind of hinged doors that open in the tilted form and are used in the garages and sheds. This offers you a large place to enter your vehicles.

Roller Doors

The modern types of doors are also used specifically in the garages and sheds. These are mostly automatic and convert less space than tilted doors. The material used in this kind of doors is flexible enough to get rolled on the roller.

If you are confused about selecting doors for your house, consult a top interior designer in Lahore, who can give you best suggestion while keeping your needs and budget in view.


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