Which Key Points to Consider While Selecting a Color for Your House Exterior?

Exterior Color SelectionChoosing a paint color for your house exterior is somewhat a trickier task. You need to choose a color that is unique, appropriate and is good enough to create an esthetic feel.  There is a need to use different approach that you use while choosing color for your house interior. After having a thorough look at your house, an interior designer in Pakistan can better guide you about various paint colors for your house.

Here are some key points which you need to consider.

Check the type of Roof: To consider the type of your roof is highly important. You need to see either your house’s roof is asphalt, shingle or terra-cota. For each type, you need to choose a different paint shade.

What is Exterior made up of?

House exteriors are not simpler; rather these have some kinds of style and designing. You can see a house exterior with bricks whereas some are cemented and others have rough tiles. Houses with colored cements and tiles outside do not need to be painted.

Interior Colors

Make sure your house exterior has a compatibility with the inside paint colors. If the exterior is far more different than the interior, then it would certainly create a drastic feel.

Maintain Uniqueness

No matter how good is the exterior of your neighbors, you need to maintain an element of uniqueness that shows your own taste and interior designing aesthetics.

Chose a Weather-Resistant Paint

The facade of your house is all exposed to different kinds of weathers; therefore, here you need to choose the paints which are more resistant to water and sunshine. The better option is to choose weather shields as these last for longer time period for their high resisting nature.

Consider the Dimensions

You should choose a paint color while seeing its direction. Does the frontage directly face the sun? If it does, the better option is to use darker colors because these do not get faded easily. Darker colors should be used to enhance the shadows whereas projections should be highlighted with lighter colors. Instead of choosing colors in contrasts, choose the combinations as these give a sleeker and decent look to your house exterior.

The choice of color also depends greatly on the design of your house exterior. If there is too much designing with the projections and curves then using the combination of colors is good. On the other hand, for a sleek outer look, one or two paint colors are enough. By hiring an interior designer in Lahore, you can take off stress, because he can provide you with better colors for your house exterior.


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