Expert tips for maintaining your kitchen

Kitchen MaitenanceYour kitchen is the heart of your house. Having a beautiful well designed kitchen is a delight we all wish to have. We all dream of a stylish kitchen, which looks as if it has jumped straight out of a magazine. However, since your kitchen is also the busiest room of your house and also the messiest keeping it prim and proper all the time is not very easy. But, it is not very difficult either.

According to some famous interior designers in Lahore like Amer Adnan, the key to maintaining a picture perfect kitchen lies in its designing. Here we share with you some expert opinions on how you can do so:

Build a small pantry

Having a separate room entirely for your kitchen goods can be a life saver. Majority of times the reason for a messy kitchen is that all your items are dispersed and there isn’t any proper storage solution. A pantry would store all the extra items that are occupying your shelves and coming in your way. It would also reduce the need of extra cabins and shelves and hence giving you more room to work.

Use multi storage cabinets

Because storage is the key to keeping a kitchen maintained, many interior designers in Pakistan suggest that you building cabinets that have multiple storage spaces. For example, you can build a cabinet with multiple partitions to store many items. For saving space you can also get a central table built with a counter top and drawers which you can use for work, eating and storing items.

Choose the flooring material wisely

The kitchen floor is not like the floor of your bedroom. It is exposed to moisture and spills and can easily be destroyed. Although it is advised that you choose a material based on your lifestyle, it is generally suggested that you avoid using hardwood or carpets in your kitchen. While people rarely use carpets, you must have seen many people using hardwood. Wood can rot due to increased moisture exposure that is why you shouldn’t use it. Ceramic tiles and marble are best for a kitchen.

Don’t compromise on the plumbing

If your kitchen plumbing is poor and your drain pipe is faulty, it will rot the wooden cabinets and destroy the walls. Therefore you must always keep a check on your pipes and drains. Make sure that the pipes are intact and the drains are working well. If you spot a first sign of any seepage immediately contact your plumber.


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