What Causes Roof Leaks and How to avoid them?

Roof LeaksRoof leaks are dangerous because these may weaken the whole structure of your house, ultimately causing dampness. If not repaired on proper time, the water leakage not only damages roof, but also harms plaster on the walls and causes dry rots. It may also damage your floor and accessories placed in that area. Moreover, if left untreated for months, it may create molds and bacteria that start emitting special kinds of chemicals, which are not good for health.

What Causes a Roof Leak?

Usually, the improper installation and defective roof flashings leave some spaces or smaller holes for rainwater to seep through. Therefore, whenever you are going to construct a home, hire the services of a renowned construction company, which could provide you with the best work.

Reference: Roof Leak Damages – What are the Different Preventive Measures to Control it?

The main reason for which people delay the repairing of leakages is that they remain unable to detect them. Here are some tips using which it becomes easier for you to locate the leaking space on your roof.

  • Regularly examine the water flow on your roof during the rainy season; a clear observation will help you see where the water is entering in the holes. Find out if there is any unlevelled surface on the roof because here the water can start seeping through, if not removed.
  • Checkout thoroughly, the blockages in the sewerage pipes. If there is any debris, clutter or any other thing, get it removed immediately. Moreover, the joints of the shingles alongside the chimney, vent and skylights may also become a cause of water seepage.

How to Avoid Water Leakages?

  • The one easiest way of doing it, is to keep your roof clean of debris, particularly before the rain. Clean up all the gutters and other sewerage system to ensure a smooth flow of water.
  • Either you have located the leakage point or not, in both the cases you need to take the services of a professional because he, being a professional best knows which material is good for the repairing work and how the whole leakage treatment should be done.

The professional will remove the old cracked sealant, which was used around the vent and chimney to fill it up with the high quality outdoor silicon to prevent leakage. Wrong filling may fail the purpose of stopping seepage; therefore, instead of using DIY techniques, you should rely on your professional, you hired.


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