Types of Materials to be used in Furniture Manufacturing

Furniture ManufacturingThinking of furniture the common perception that comes in our minds is ‘made-of-wood’. Undoubtedly, mostly furniture inside a house is made up of different types of wood either in pure form or in mixed formed. Usually, high quality wooden furniture is made up of pure hardwood. While selecting furniture for a luxury house in Pakistan, you don’t need to limit yourself just to wood, there are various other materials which have their own uses because wood is not suitable everywhere as in some outdoor areas such as lawns and outdoor living space, because it gets amended or damaged if exposed directly to sunlight or rain for a longer time period.

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Wood is used everywhere and it is perhaps the oldest type of material to be used as furniture. For its look, versatility, variety of forms and features, it is being used in making every kind of furniture from bed to chairs, tables, windows, benches, iron stands and much more. Even these days, using wooden floor is a common trend.

Plastic Furniture

Plastic furniture comes in the category of lower type of furniture for its quality, low weight and features. Therefore, it is hardly being used inside of a house, rather it is used in an outdoor living space or lawn where you spend your morning time or evening time. However, these are not recommended for long sitting. Although, these are easy to clean and can be washed but their color gets faded in a shorter time span and this is what you cannot repair or refresh.


Being a 100 percent natural material, it has also been used in furniture making for centuries. Prices of cane furniture differ with respect to its type, design and quality. However, it can be decorated and amended into different shapes to design highly appealing furniture.

Mild Steel

Mild steel is the most popular type of metal furniture and is economical to purchase. Its price vary but maximum price can be even in the range of a layman. For instance, a dining table with powder coating may cost up to rupees 5000.


Creating Innovative Storage Spaces in Your Laundry Room

Storage Spaces in Laundry RoomIt is not just kitchen, living room or a dining area, which is most important or least significant in a house. Instead in a perfectly designed house, every area and room is given equal value. Let’s take the example of laundry room, people hardly pay attention to this room even some don’t bother to create this. However, the modern house construction in Pakistan is done while keeping every single perspective in view, so that a dweller could enjoy a comfortable and luxurious living style. Therefore, the modern houses do have a laundry rooms so that you could get everything at your home and there is created no mess of washable clothes.

Like every other room, laundry room has its own specific style interior according to its usage. While designing this specific zone, professionals keep the storage factor above all. They want to create as much storage spaces in it as possible so that it could encompass maximum clothes and washing accessories.

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Get Smart Cabinetry

You have to keep several accessories and items and clothes here therefore, create storage spaces in different styles. A built-in wooden cabinetry, with drawers of different lengths and shapes and also a separate hanging area is the best. The shelves should be larger enough so that here you could place baskets, either of plastic or traditional style bamboo baskets. Also install hooks so that you could hang the items of immediate use such as brush and washing powder. For towels, you can have separate hangers or even the back of main door can also be used to hang items but if overloaded, it can give a messy look.

The space under the countertops can be used to have different kinds of drawers and shells, where you can either hang clothes or can place other necessary items, such as tissues, soaps, detergents, or hangers.
You need to make the segregation of space for tidy and untidy clothes so that, doing work here could become easier and comfortable. Add a basket with wheel and place it under the countertops in a corner, where it is not visible but don’t place it in a closed place.

Creating storage spaces in your house, also depends upon the overall length and width of the room; however, being creative can help you make the most of a small space.