Ideal Storage Options in a Hallway

Storage OptionsWhy is that necessary to create extra storage solutions inside your house? Certainly the one obvious reason is making your residence more functional but the second fact is enhancing the look of your house. With more storage solutions, it becomes much easier for you to keep your house clutter-free. However, for such a creative work in your house, you need to take the services of an interior designer in Pakistan.

Although, there are several places and rooms where you can create storage spaces but in a hallway you need to be more creative.

Reference: Creating Surprising Storage Spaces In Your House

Under-Stair Storage

The best area to utilize is under-stair as here you can create pull-in drawers, open shelves or cupboards, depending upon the space and the type of usage. If there is enough space available, you can create a home-office, a hallway toilet or a closet to keep the items of daily use such as a vacuum cleaner, a mop/tool box/ or any other thing of the daily use. Even if the space is smaller, you can make a shoe rack. There are hundreds of ways you can utilize the under-stair space as a storage solution.

Hanging Space

If you don’t have sufficient space to create shelve and closets then simply use a place in a corner to hang the items such as rain coats, umbrellas, your sports kit or any other thing. Even if you want to use this place just as a creativity corner, then hanging sceneries is the right choice.

Loose Change Hallway Storage Shelf

If you are not willing to spend more effort and money on creating storage spaces in your hallway, then using ‘loose change hallway’ storage shelves’ is a smart choice as it is simple to install and covers minimum space and provides storage solution for the light-weight products of immediate use.

Prop Coat Stand and Storage Shelf

The idea of placing a prop coat stand and a storage shelf against your hallway walls is just perfect as it covers minimum space and also enhances the value of a particular area. Such storage solutions save you from the hassle of screwing anything into the wall.

Hallway Storage Bench

A hallway storage bench, which usually has a storage spaces underneath, can be placed alongside a window or under the stairs to sit and to store the items of important use.

Besides the above mentioned storage solutions, you can find many other just by consulting a renowned interior designer in Lahore.


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