Why Choosing Laminated Glass for Your Windows is the Right Choice?

Laminated GlassFor home owners, the biggest concern is the security; therefore, when it comes to choosing doors and windows there is given a special preference to quality materials. Unlike doors, which are mostly made up of wood, windows have different types of glass.

The type of glass in the windows may vary with respect to its designs and materials. Its price depends upon quality, the high quality materials cost higher than the normal or plan glass. If you are really concerned about the security and decoration in your house, use laminated glass as it has an edge over the simple glass for following reasons. For a better advice, you must consult a renowned interior designer in Pakistan.

Reference: 3 Windows Used At Landmark Construction In Pakistan

Benefits of Laminated Glass

  • As compared to laminated glass it is highly durable and has a considerable resistance towards breakage, this is the reason that it also referred as security glass. Usually, the laminated glass windows have a protective vinyl layer of material inside two pieces of glass. In case of a severe hit, if a vinyl glass breaks it does not cause as much harm because its vinyl inner layer does not let the shards spread around. The shards stay adhered due to the vinyl liner.
  • If the laminated glass is provided with additional break-in protection, it cannot be cut from the outside even if someone uses glass cutters.
  • If your house is located in a commercial area, then you must be sick of noise pollution that comes from traffic and crowd of people. Therefore, in a bid to promote a more peaceful living, you must get laminated glass windows as these keep the sound off. When you join two panes together in a window there is created an air space between them, which further strengthens soundproofing quality of laminated glass.
  • Another biggest advantage the laminated glass offers is its resistant to Ultra Violet rays which if fall on the furniture and other items directly, can fade their appearance. The type of glass is said to block these harmful rays up to 95% percent and allow light to pass through easily.

The glass can withstand different climatic conditions and it does not break in the hurricanes, heavy rainfalls and storms and even if it does, the shards don’t scatter in the air as it happens with the normal glass.


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