How to Create a Welcoming Effect in your Hallway?

HallwayWhy is there so much emphasis on improving the look of your hallway? Being an entry way of your house, it serves as a style statement from where people make perception of the rest of interior. Therefore, working on your hallway decoration and functionality is justified. By hiring a professional and renowned interior designer in Pakistan you can get every nook and corner of your house decorated in an ideal way.

Here is what you can do to bring a welcoming effect in your hallway.

Use a Brighter Color

Your entryway should not be painted with a dark shaded paint that creates an overall dull appearance; instead use brighter colors such as light green, sky blue, off-white or any other similar color. Adding paint is not the only way to add colors; rather there are hundreds of ways of doing it. For instance, place a colorful rug just few steps away from the door and if there is a window in this hallway, hang colorful curtains which match with the rest of accessories.

Use Creative Ways of Increasing Brightness

Hallways are usually dark because usually there is one or no window in these entry ways. However, if you are creative enough, then converting it into a brighter is never too difficult. If there is one window or place where light is entering from, place a mirror right opposite to it to reflect it back into the hallway. This way you can create a brightness and livelier effect in this entryway.

Add Smart Storage Solutions

Obviously you need to place various items of use here but scattered accessories may give a messy impression; so, having smart storage solutions is necessary. If stairs are passing from your hallway, you can have storage spaces underneath to place the items of immediate use.

Besides, you can also have sitting benches with drawers and other storage spaces under them. You can also have a hanging stand, where you can hang your umbrella, rain coat and other accessories, which you use while going outside of house.

Add Details

It largely depends upon your creativity how you add details to enhance the overall value of this area. For instance, like other areas of your house such as a living room and a dining room, you can add paintings and other decorative art on the walls all around.

A professional and modern interior designer in Lahore can provide you better advice for the best decoration of your hallway.


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