What is the Importance of Veranda in a House?

Veranda in a HouseVeranda is not something new in the architectural history as it has long been a part of the residential buildings. However, in the past few years its importance got a bit diminished. Earlier, in the Mughal era, the use of verandas in the buildings and palaces was common where people used to enjoy family and friends gatherings.

Though, it is still being created in some of the residential buildings in one form or the other but now the trend has changed to a greater extent. Verandas provide you an open air environment with all the comfort of an indoor. In short, verandas are covered outdoor spaces which are furnished and decorated in a way that the family members can enjoy a good time here, especially when the outside weather is just overwhelmingly good.

These are not totally separate entities; rather verandas are covered extension of your building with no walls around. After entering your home’s territory the first place you come across is your veranda. The trend of this outdoor living space is mostly common in the houses built in the hilly areas.

Some of the verandas are partially walled as these have half walls all around ultimately giving you a clearer view of the outside. Such terraces are preferred in the houses which have a direct opening from verandas to outdoors. Usually, houses with such design layout are seen in the hilly areas of Pakistan. Most of the time the roof of the verandas is supported by wooden pillars, which enhance the natural feel of this outdoor living space.

Here you can place chairs, sofas and even a dining table to enjoy an outdoor meal, when the weather outside is good enough. The space can even be utilized at the time of parties when you have invited guests on dinners, meals or on a birthday party.

If you are planning to go for a veranda in your house, do take the advice of an architect in Pakistan, so that getting a best design could become easier. The professional architect will prepare a design layout of it, while keeping the space available, the outside view and off-course your budget.


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