Best Flex Room Conversion Ideas for your Home

Flex RoomA flex room is a multifunctional zone in a house that can be used as a hallway, play area for kids or can be transformed into a dining area, when needed. For its high functionality and flexibility, a flex room is therefore, become an important part of a house’s layout plan.

Renowned architects in Pakistan therefore, always suggest their clients to include a flex room in their house as not only it offers more convenience, but increases the value of the property. The 2 in-1 or 3 in-1 utilization of this additional room depends largely on the fact how it is designed and used. Most of the time, the designers make one use of the flex room, but two or three uses of the room are not out of question.

Transforming flex room into another area requires homeowners to bring changes in the interior, but this doesn’t it need them to bring in new furnishings every time. Given below are some methods and techniques which shows how a flex room can be utilized the most.

Convert a Flex Room into Study or Library

Flex Room into Study or LibraryWith simple alterations in the interior, you can convert a flex room into a library or study room. For instance, you can get a bigger bookshelf to segregate the room or you can simply place it against the wall, in case you require more space.

Keep in view that the changes should be made according to the available space. A 5-seater or 3-seater sofa can be replaced with single chairs, while the big center table can go out and the traditional study table can take its place.


Convert a Flex Room into a Media Room

Flex Room into a Media RoomDo you have a flex room alongside the hallway? There are hundreds of ways you can use this room and one most appropriate way to use it is by converting it into a media room, where you can watch your favorite movies or listen to your favorite music.

All you need to do is to simply sound proof the room by installing insulation and then get a big screen TV or projector screen. Then, bring in a decent sound system and place comfortable sofas, so you can enjoy the best of audio and video by crashing on the couch.

Convert a Flex Room into Kids’ Playroom

Flex Room into Kids’ PlayroomA flex room can also be converted into a play area by making necessary changes. Instead of using simple bed, get a wall bed that can be folded back into the wall during day-time. The interior of this room should be done in a way that it provides maximum safety and comfort.

It can be done by placing accessories and furniture with round edges instead of sharp curves. Also, you need to make the room more spacious, instead of stuffing it with too many toys or other items.

Convert a Flex Room into Exercise Areas

If your garage is spacious enough to accommodate more than your vehicles, then bring in a temporary divider and segregate the room to utilize the other half for exercising.


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