Smart Ideas to Light up Your Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Lighting Ideas

While designing a swimming pool you need to mull over various factors and lighting is one of them. The colorful and soothing lights not only accentuates the design features of a swimming pool, but also creates a comfortable atmosphere by modern interior designer in Pakistan.

Let’s learn about some smart swimming pool lighting ideas.

  1. In-Ground Pool Lighting

Fixed underwater, these in-ground pool lights let you take full advantage of day and night swimming experience. These lights are safe to use because they enable you to see your children swimming even after the sunset.

Besides lighting up your pool, these lights also enhances the design features. There are variety of options when it comes to selecting in-ground swimming pool lights. So you can go with white lights, color changing lights or lighted fountains.

  1. Above-Ground Pool Lighting

Above-ground pool lights have their own pros and cons. It’s a suitable option for those who are on a budget because it is comparatively low in cost. There are several other types of above-ground lights detail of which are as:

  • Floating Pool Lights

Floating pool lights are the most preferred above ground pool lights and as the name suggests, these lights float on the water. Floating lights mostly use LED technology to illuminate the pools, which can save you a great deal of money and electricity. LED lights have edge over other lights as they are more durable, energy-efficient and available in numerous colors.   

  • Magnetic Pool Lights

For above ground soft-sided swimming pools, magnetic lighting is the best option. But, they are not easily available.

  1. Halogens Lights – In-ground and Above-Ground Lighting

Halogen lights are equally useful for both in-ground and above-ground swimming pools. They are  affordable and useful in spreading lighting across the swimming pool. But the down side of halogen lights is they consume more energy as compared to other types of lights and they come in limited colors too.


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