Interesting Backyard Patio Garden Ideas from AmerAdnan Associates

Appeltern The Netherlands July 22 2015: The Gardens of Appeltern is the inspiration garden park in the Netherlands. In this picture an open patio with garden furniture and other decorations.

Has your backyard become a boring place with no proper gardening system and plantation?

Would you like to turn this space into a real entertaining outdoor area?

Well, AmerAdnan Associates has listed some interesting backyard patio garden ideas below that can allow you to transform your discarded place into a fun area.

Wondering why you should do that?

One feels the need to have an outdoor space even more during summers because people like to hang out in open spaces after spending entire day in their houses or workplace. This makes your backyard garden an important place.

Those, who understands this fact are even willing to hire professional interior designers in Pakistan. So they can create a beautiful patio garden in the backyard where they can invite friends and family members and have a good time.

Let’s not say any more and get straight to these interesting ideas for your backyard patio garden.

  • Natural Theme Patio Garden

In this theme, the amalgamation of patio and garden creates a natural feel. The natural  stones, trees and plants gives the space a wonderful look.

  • Patio Garden with Small Pond

As compared to the natural theme patio garden, this lawn has little greenery because the pond covers major area and segregates patio garden in two sections. One to grow grass and floral plants while other to keep small animals like ducks and swans. Furthermore, you can create a walking path with the help of stones.

  • Pergola in Patio Garden

A pergola in a patio garden turns your backyard into more entertaining and relaxing point. And you know what? It’s not too expensive to build a pergola. All it takes is four columns and partially covered overhead structure to create an amazing pergola.

To make the structure more appealing, you can grow climbing plants around its columns. The climbing plants will make your pergola more shadowed and enjoyable place to sit. There are different types of pergolas and you can choose one for your backyard garden that best meets your needs and budget.

  • Floral Theme Patio Garden

Flowers gives a livelier touch to any garden. If you love flowers, then patio garden is an ideal place to grow seasonal flowers. It will completely transform your outdoor space by adding the rainbow of colors.

You can grow your floral plants around the pavements or close to the boundary walls. It’s completely up to you. In case, you require professional advice, then getting in touch with an interior designer in Lahore, who specializes in landscape, is not a bad idea.


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