AmerAdnan’s® Guide to Buying Headboards for Your Bedroom


Buying a bed with a complete frame is usually considered as a good idea, however, a bed with a separate base and a headboard is sometimes a good choice, especially for a master bedroom. Generally, it’s the people who adores to change and upgrade their home interior every other year opt for beds with independent headboards.

The reason being is a headboard can be upholstered or changed easily without having the need of change the entire bed. In this article AmerAdnan Associates® will guide you about the headboard choices available in the market and they can fulfill your bedroom furnishing needs.

What are the Different Types of Headboards?

Just the way markets are full of different types of beds to cater different needs, similarly you will find an extensive variety of headboards to pick one for your bedroom. There are plain headboards as well as the upholstered ones. Read below to know about the various options in detail.

Metal Headboards

As the name implies, they are made out of metal, usually the iron which is painted or polished artfully is used in this type of headboards to give a wonderful look. The metal headboards are available in many styles ranging from contemporary to traditional and classic. In fact, you can even find headboards with traditional iron bedsteads style to make your room look wonderful.

Wooden Headboards

The wooden headboards are purely made out of wood. They are available in different shapes, but plain square and traditionally carved styles are widely appreciated and thus have a huge demand. The wooden headboards are smart and compact and ideally complements a room, particularly where homeowners are looking to accentuate the woodwork.

Upholstered Padded Headboards

These are available in many colors and design patterns. According to expert interior decorators in Pakistan like AmerAdnan® the upholstered padded headboards are unlikely to undergo wear and tear to the same extent as other items of furniture.

They are upholstered using velvet, printed cotton and many other types of thick and durable fabrics. While you go buying upholstered padded headboards, make sure to not compromise on fabric quality, foam and the depth of design to make sure that you get the best value for money.

Leather Padded Headboards

The leather padded headboards bring a great deal of luxury to your bedroom. They are usually made out of black or dark brown leather, but to best complement a home’s interior décor, leather headboards are also available in different colors. When it comes to upholstery designs, there are traditional buttoned boards as well as contemporary ones to match your furnishing needs.

What are the Standard Sizes of Headboards?

The headboards are available in different sizes, but the standard sizes you can find in the market include:

  • Single: W90 x L190 (cm)
  • Small Double: W120 x L190 (cm)
  • Double: W135 x L190 (cm)
  • King Size: W150 x L200 (cm)
  • Super King Size: W180 x L200 (cm)

Depending on how large your room is and the wall where you are going to fix the chosen headboard size. To ensure value for money, you can do accurate measurements and buy the right size of headboard for your bedroom.


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