Choose An Ideal Color For Your Home With This App


Choosing the right color palette for the entire house is a one of the tasks that has haunted homeowners for years now. Considering the fact that the entire effort relies on one thing alone – our imagination. And to be honest, it’s tough for most of us to imagine how exactly a space would look like after a paint job.

Although a seasoned interior designer in Pakistan or few tips and points can aid you to find a cohesive color scheme for their entire house, but what if you have a visualizer app?

Yes, a visualizer app that can allow you to pick any color and see your walls transform in real-time on your smartphone screen.

Dulux Visualizer App

The Dulux Visualizer App is introduced by Dulux. The leading paint company has launched this app to end the long suffering of the homeowners, who can now experiment and be certain of their perfect palette.


Equipped with real-time panoramic video visualization and improved color picker, the Dulux Visualizer App has made the color selection process more easy and social. There are hundreds of colors for you to choose from.

All you need to do is download the free app on your Android or iOS device, then pick a color and the tap the screen to transform your walls. You can always save the visuals as videos or images.

If you think that’s all it offers, then think again!

The ingenious Color Picker feature empowers you to take inspiration from anything around you, be it your favorite painting, colorful cushion or else. Once you have found the perfect color, the app will seize it and find an instant match, so you can view it live on your walls.

The possibilities are enormous!

Social Sharing

Struggling to narrow down your color selection?

Dulux Visualizer App gives you the power to save and share your ideas with your friends and family over social platforms such as Facebook. Your family and friends can also have a go at it, so they can send back some color suggestions to you.

In case, you are seeking Lahore architects’ opinion, feel free to share your ideas with an expert to gain direct advice.

Getting Started 

The moment you are done with the selection process, the Visualizer app will ensure that you could start the paint process easily and quickly. Since it allows users to buy paints and find Dulux stores through it, so you can turn your vision into reality in quick time.


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