Bedroom Furniture Tips – Wardrobe Buying Guide


No matter, how chic and well-furnished a home is, a stylish wardrobe is always welcomed by its dwellers, the reason being is everyone at home wants his/her personal space for placing all the clothes and accessories. However, there are different things that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing a wardrobe, so as to make sure that it fulfills all the requirements.

Thanks to the great designs and styles crafted by modern-day furnishers, homeowners can now complement every room and enjoy the best storage space in their dwellings. The interior designers in Pakistan these days recommend portable wardrobes for smaller rooms. Why?

Because they can drastically change a room’s setting and make homeowners’ living experience more enjoyable.

Types of Wardrobes You Can Get Your Hands on

As mentioned above, there are many things one must consider when choosing a wardrobe, since furnishers craft wardrobes in different styles to suit dissimilar requirements.

  • Double-Door Wardrobes


The double door wardrobes are the conventional style wardrobes that are commonly found in every other home today. They either comprise a single-clothing rail or a split one. Some of these have top interior shelves and some have a bottom shelf. Whereas, others offer both to provide extra storage space. Besides storing valuables, some double door wardrobes also come with a drawer at the base along with a lock to ensure security.

  • Three-door Wardrobes


The three-door wardrobes are bigger and offer a lot more storage space than those with two doors. These wardrobes are made for larger rooms, especially those without fixed wardrobes. The interior of 3-door wardrobes typically houses a full-length hanging rail as you open the first two doors. While the third door conceals a separate portion of shelves for placing different items or folded clothes.

Behind the third wardrobe door, there is often a drawer or two. Just like the double-door wardrobe, a three-door wardrobe also has drawers at the base. The top and bottom shelves are also often found in the 3-door wardrobes.

  • Sliding Wardrobes


The sliding wardrobes are not very commonly found, but they are certainly the most graceful and stylish kind of wardrobes around. They not just look classic, but also save the space that is required for their doors to open. Since these wardrobes come with the sliding doors, they are an ideal choice for smaller rooms where there isn’t enough room. The interior decorators in Pakistan also call them an ideal and practical choice for rooms that are tight on space.

Which of these wardrobes would you consider for your room? Let us know in the comments.


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