The Growing Trend of Accent Walls in Pakistan and Beyond

The accent walls are a great way of breaking up bigger rooms and to help to instill a sense of extraordinary in an otherwise ordinary room. If you look at the modern house designs in Pakistan, you are sure to find accent walls in almost all rooms including the bedroom, living room, and the drawing rooms, to be specific.

According to interior designers at AmerAdnan Associates, when the accent walls started trending, a few years back, many considered it as a passing fad, but things have happened opposite to what was expected. The trend of accent walls proved, it has staying power.

There are different ways of creating accent walls that can be done by the homeowners whereas others might simply serve as inspiration. What matters is that you must choose an accent wall design that works best for your space.

The interior designers in Pakistan usually do feature walls in a deep hue such as black. AmerAdnan® is of the opinion that a single wall painted with rich dark colors creates a great visual depth in a room which helps to make it appear bigger than real. Painting, papering, handcrafting, stickering, etc. can be done to create highly inspiring accent walls.

Many architects in Pakistan these days recommend brick and wood paneling to create natural accent walls in different rooms. In case, you are a renter who’s wishing for an accent wall but is afraid to make any modifications, there are removable wallpapers for you.

When opting for accent walls, always remember to use recommended color shades because using the wrong color can completely ruin your space. The expert interior designers are of the view that a home’s color palette and décor must be cohesive and planned ahead.

You can opt for a modern geometric accent wall, world map accent wall, dark accent wall or a stone accent wall. See the images below to create a popular type of accent wall in your abode:


Modern Geometric Accent Wall


World Map Accent Wall


Dark Accent Wall


Stone Accent Walls


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