Modern House Design Ideas for Small Patios

We often associate beautiful homes with sizeable spaces, which is absolutely not the case. Modern home designs in Pakistan are no longer the only developments attracting attention. Homeowners and professionals are equally curious to explore creatively designed spaces. Modern home décor trends are now all about utilizing the teeniest corners to their full potential.

With the unnatural hike in land prices across the country, people are now compelled to live in smaller homes and this is why utilizing smaller spaces more efficiently has become one of the primary challenges for architects and designers these days.

Where a lot of time, effort and money is spent on home décor, patios are often overlooked. Let’s have a look at a few simple, quick and cost-effective ways to make even the smallest of patios look beautiful.

Hanging Bistro Lights

Bistro Lights

Bistro lights are a great way to bring a cozy feel to your patio. To get that perfect soft light effect make sure you use milky bulbs. Using a warmer shade will add a classy touch to the aura. A wide range of ready-to-use bistro lights in a variety of styles can be easily found at any nearest electrical supplies and accessories store.

Planting a Vertical Garden

Planting a Vertical Garden

Plantation has been an evergreen technique for decorating smaller exteriors. Whether you hang spray-painted cans or specialized wall planters, they will for sure breathe life into your patio. If your residential area is prone to attracting insects, you may opt for artificial plantation.

Decorated Rocks and Pebbles

Rocks and Pebbles Decoration

Artfully placed rocks and pebbles are also a good way to decorate patios. However, plain rocks and pebbles may come off as a bit dull. A great way to add some color is by artistically painting them maybe to look like ladybirds, smiley faces or anything else that you like.

Artificial Flooring

Artificial Flooring

Floor coverings come in many styles and sizes, and help define outdoor spaces. You can either lay an artificial turf on your patio’s floor to give it a complete natural look. Alternatively, you may use panels or even a patterned rug, as per your preference.

Placing Smart Furniture

Smart Furniture

If your patio can accommodate some seating space, adding a compact coffee table with a chair or two is a great way to add some glamor to your patio while putting it to some practical use as well. If you still have some space left you could also add a small bench to complement your furniture.

You can now enjoy a cup of tea with your loved ones in your beautifully adorned patio. Have fun and we wish you a happy living.


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