Top 5 Takeaways from Celebrity Homes for Modern House Designs in Pakistan

Master Bedroom With Sitting Room

The way celebrities live and decorate their homes gets a lot of attention from the general public as they wish to adopt similar styles. However, not everyone can afford this! Here we have listed some ideas that have been taken from celebrity homes that will make modern house designs in Pakistan look luxurious in a budget friendly way!

Comfort through Pillows

Luxury is directly associated with comfort – hence one of the top picks from celebrity homes revolves around the things they do for creating a comfortable, cozy yet fancy environment. Having a number of plush cushions or 22 inch pillows on your living area chair or sofa is a wonderful start to creating comfort in style.

Gold and Silver Accents

Accessorizing your house in style is not a job meant for all. It calls for one to have a great aesthetic sense and knowledge about how luxury homes look like. Filling the interior of your house in bulky golden items will definitely not make it look lavish – in fact it looks rather crude. However, celebrity homes will more than often have some display of golden and silver accents for their interior décor.  Find a few antique style, dull gold or silver wall frames or candle stands to decorate your house with. You can also add warmth to your house by placing some brushed nickel table lamps on the entrance or the living area to give the overall ambience the luxury uplift.

Focus on Flooring

Complete hardwood flooring can come across as an unwelcoming and uncomfortable house. The classic visual appeal is created when part of the flooring is left with hardwood finish whereas certain parts of the house are highlighted with thick, wool carpets. When selecting a colour for the hardwood area, keep in mind that most celebrity houses opt for dark wooden shades as it brings richness and depth to the space.

A Chandelier or Two

Seldom will you come across a celebrity house that does not have a single chandelier. Crystal chandeliers that are coupled with silver metal frames are a royalty indeed. There are several designs available for chandeliers and they also vary in their price range. Select one that goes with the overall theme of the house and place it either at the entrance to make it impactful or in your dining area.

Moldings Around The House

Luxury homes focus on every detail of the interior as well as the outer look of the house. When talking about the interior decoration and design, any given room which is missing crown moldings on the ceiling not only looks average but also gives an incomplete feel – as if something fundamental is missing. Celebrity homes have their walls neatly connected to the ceiling via crown moldings. Surprisingly, this lavish look is not an expensive deal as well, hence you can bring a rich feel to your house in a low cost.