5 Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen on Budget

A beautiful interior of a custom kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is amongst the most desired ways to improve the house but it can be expensive. Revamped cabinets, backsplashes, and islands are bound to drain your budget. If pricey renovation is out of question for you, there are a few stylish and wallet-smart transformations that you can incorporate right away and give your boring kitchen a chic facelift.

Keeping the cost in mind, here are 5 simple remodeling ideas that will convert your kitchen into your dream kitchen!

Add Lights

It cannot be stressed enough that in any remodeling project, lighting is the key! If your kitchen has those basic, old standard overhead fixtures and the overall lighting is dim, change it. Modern home designers in Pakistan stress that for a kitchen to look its best and to function accordingly, it has to be properly lit.

Upgrading the lights doesn’t have to be insanely expensive. Just go for noticeable and stylish fixtures that blend well into the details of the room. Stick-on lights, for example, are a perfect option especially for under cabinet lighting, to illuminate counter-tops or to make unique glow in the dark drawers. Another inexpensive option is to go for battery operated portable fixtures pivoted independently. You can adjust the brightness according to your taste.

You’d think, a lamp is not a conventional way to light up a kitchen but if your counter has space, an eye-catching lamp can be a nice and budget-friendly addition too. Similarly, if you already have an island, you can make it more distinguishable with overhead hanging vibrant lamps.

Give your cabinets a facelift

Cabinets are the focal point of the kitchen, so if you feel your kitchen looks too typical, it is most probably because of the cabinets. There are a lot of ways in which you can transform these cabinets within a week without spending money on getting new ones. First off, make a simple soap and water solution and clean the cabinets thoroughly to remove all dirt and grease. For obvious reasons, cleaning is the sine qua non of the entire revamping process. Next you can decide if you want to refresh the paint, repair scratches, gouges and chips with varnish and refinishing kits or all of these, depending on how worn out they are.

You can always call a professional to help you with repair work, a lot of affordable house construction companies in Pakistan readily provide these services. If painting is your desired option for a facelift, try going for a different colour than the existing one. It will breathe life into your remodeled kitchen.

Change Shelf Liners

If you don’t have shelf or drawer liners at all, now is the time to add them or change them if you have existing worn out ones. Liners are a quick and low budget fancy finish that also help to keep your kitchen neat and organized. They help you avoid the pain of scrubbing the shelves to clean them, all you have to do is get nonstick liners and replace them from time to time. The good part is that you don’t have to stick to conventional white liner as they are now readily available in all colours. You can find ones that match the décor of your kitchen and neatly place them inside.

Update the Faucet

This is the most straightforward way to make an impressive upgrade to your kitchen. Selecting a faucet that would fit well in your remodeled kitchen depends on your obsession, your kitchen style, your finish philosophy and your budget. Go for touch or spray wand faucets instead of the tap-on, tap-off ones.

Next important thing is to decide the finish, do you want bronze, chrome or two-tone stainless steel with a pop of colour. Go with whatever speaks to your heart and blends well with your kitchen’s theme. Last, but not the least, do not overlook your budget.

Cover Ugly Countertops

Replacing a countertop is not a small change, so improving on what you have will keep you in your monetary comfort zone. The easiest trick is to add something functional and good looking on the counter such as a nice cutting board. Or if you are feeling more ambitious, you can paint your countertop to improve your kitchen in a stunning way. If you are considering doing it yourself, you’ll need oil based paints, a grade roller and an angled sponge. Also make sure that the countertop is completely clean before you revamp it, use xylol solvent to remove any grease or dirt.

Laminate countertops have also surged back in popularity, providing a stylish alternative to expensive stone-slabs. Unlike other pricier materials, laminate countertops are relatively less expensive to replace. So for a long-term budget friendly fix, go for these while you are renovating your kitchen.