4 Ways to Create Energy Efficient Home Designs

Energy Saving Tips

Construction that is energy efficient basically includes heating, cooling and water mechanisms that are cost and energy efficient. The greatest benefit apart from comfort and cost saving is that such structures promise a longer infrastructure life.  Home construction companies in Pakistan are now focused more than ever on creating energy efficient designs. Some of the ways to create such home designs are shared below.

Energy Utilization Assessment

Before investing into any new idea or method, an initial assessment is a must. If you are remodeling an existing structure or building a new house it would be wise to first conduct an energy assessment survey and see where you stand. There are some companies that exclusively offer the service of conducting an energy audit for your building. This assessment will give you and your architect a clear picture of the present consumption of energy in your house and will also propose what the best ways would be for you to cut down on energy wastage as well as its cost.

Design Smartly

Experienced home construction companies will begin their task by smartly designing a cost-effective design.  Once this is successfully achieved and agreed upon, builders who are well-versed with the idea of energy-efficient construction will build upon the design step by step. This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of designing a net zero energy home and for this phase to be successful it is vital that the builders, architects and planners must be on the same page at all times. Factors such as the surrounding climate, the overall size of the structure and the building orientation must be the basis of the proposed design.

Solar Solutions

One of the most readily available natural resources is sunlight. Advances in construction techniques and building materials have persuaded architects and builders to make use of solar designs. Using solar energy is one of the most effective and smart methods to cut down on electricity bills for your home. There are many ways in which solar solutions can be incorporated within home designs.

Energy Friendly Appliances

Last but not the least; an energy efficient house is not complete unless the daily working materials within the house are also installed with the purpose of saving energy. A recent study shows that over 60% of the energy use in a home is accounted for by the plug loads and appliances that are used in the house. The best way is to eliminate phantom plug loads in the house. Managing energy efficient plugging systems for house appliances is an essential part of ensuring an overall energy efficient home design.


Modern House Design Ideas for Small Patios

We often associate beautiful homes with sizeable spaces, which is absolutely not the case. Modern home designs in Pakistan are no longer the only developments attracting attention. Homeowners and professionals are equally curious to explore creatively designed spaces. Modern home décor trends are now all about utilizing the teeniest corners to their full potential.

With the unnatural hike in land prices across the country, people are now compelled to live in smaller homes and this is why utilizing smaller spaces more efficiently has become one of the primary challenges for architects and designers these days.

Where a lot of time, effort and money is spent on home décor, patios are often overlooked. Let’s have a look at a few simple, quick and cost-effective ways to make even the smallest of patios look beautiful.

Hanging Bistro Lights

Bistro Lights

Bistro lights are a great way to bring a cozy feel to your patio. To get that perfect soft light effect make sure you use milky bulbs. Using a warmer shade will add a classy touch to the aura. A wide range of ready-to-use bistro lights in a variety of styles can be easily found at any nearest electrical supplies and accessories store.

Planting a Vertical Garden

Planting a Vertical Garden

Plantation has been an evergreen technique for decorating smaller exteriors. Whether you hang spray-painted cans or specialized wall planters, they will for sure breathe life into your patio. If your residential area is prone to attracting insects, you may opt for artificial plantation.

Decorated Rocks and Pebbles

Rocks and Pebbles Decoration

Artfully placed rocks and pebbles are also a good way to decorate patios. However, plain rocks and pebbles may come off as a bit dull. A great way to add some color is by artistically painting them maybe to look like ladybirds, smiley faces or anything else that you like.

Artificial Flooring

Artificial Flooring

Floor coverings come in many styles and sizes, and help define outdoor spaces. You can either lay an artificial turf on your patio’s floor to give it a complete natural look. Alternatively, you may use panels or even a patterned rug, as per your preference.

Placing Smart Furniture

Smart Furniture

If your patio can accommodate some seating space, adding a compact coffee table with a chair or two is a great way to add some glamor to your patio while putting it to some practical use as well. If you still have some space left you could also add a small bench to complement your furniture.

You can now enjoy a cup of tea with your loved ones in your beautifully adorned patio. Have fun and we wish you a happy living.

Inspiring Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Outdoor DecorThere is much discussed on internet about interior designing, architecture and indoor decoration — which involves living room, guest room, kitchen, dining, hallway, stairs, kids’ room and much more. Have you ever thought that decorating your house is outdoor is equally important as your indoor? Anyone getting into your house first passes through the outdoor, which involves patios and lawn; therefore, this is where first impression of your residence is taken from. Here are some useful ideas which can help you creating an ideal outdoor and for which you might have hired the services of a renowned construction company in Pakistan.

Reference: Decorating Your Lawn Pathway with Pebble Mosaic

Decorate Patios in Innovative Ways

Patio leads a guest to inside of your house; therefore, you need to make it more welcoming with stoned flooring and pebbled sideways. You can add different kinds of plants and flowers grown in a particular order. You can add a modern-style cradle here where you can enjoy the outdoor air and blue sky.

Make a Living Area on One Side

Patios can be used as an outdoor living or dining areas but for this you need to prepare the ambiance accordingly. Place traditional style furniture or add modern furniture with a center table and chairs around it, even you can place sofas but for that there should be an overhead covering. You can have hooked umbrella to avoid direct exposure to sunlight. You can either place the special kind of lighting on the nearby plants or getting proper lighting fixtures could also be a good idea.

Add a Fireplace

Adding a modern- style fireplace, that can help you enjoy social get-togethers at your home in winters. Fireplace could be in one of the boundary walls or it can be centered. It all depends on your taste, which kind of fireplace you want for your outdoor.

Create an Ambiance Closer to Nature

An ambiance closer to the nature helps keeping you fresh and active; where you can enjoy a different time than that you spend inside your house. If your outdoor is bigger enough, add an artificial waterfall that is closer to the natural and add some sea creature in it like fish, turtles. An experienced, renowned and skilled interior designer can design different kinds of waterfalls while looking at the space available. In the similar way, you can add pebbles and grow palm trees to create more of a natural environment.

Advantages of building a brick house

red brickRed brick is the most popular building material in Pakistan. In fact, the majority of buildings in Lahore are made up of red bricks. Not only does the brick look beautiful, it gives a traditional and classic look to the building and has numerous other advantages. According to many architecture companies in Pakistan, brick serves to be an ideal building material in many ways, some of the main advantages of a brick house are:

Fire resistance:

Brick is composed of clay- a material that can withstand extremely high temperatures and is highly resistant to fires. It has been proven through various experiments that houses built of bricks are least likely to burn down with fire as compared to other building materials.

Termite resistant:

A huge advantage of brick is that it is resistant to termites. As compared to wooden houses, which attract termites, brick is free of these tiny woes. The reason for this is, yet again, the composition of brick. Termites cannot thrive on clay.

Insulating and energy efficient:

One of the reasons why architects in Pakistan prefer using brick as a building material is that it acts as a natural insulator hence proving to be highly energy efficient. It keeps the house cool during the summer and warm during the winter. This reduces the need of air conditioners during the summer hence cutting down electricity bills. It also reduces the need for gas heaters during winters, cutting out the natural gas bills.

Moisture control:

Another advantage of brick over other building materials is that is can withstand moisture. And, it is because of its character that brick is resistant to rot, mold and insect infestation. In a city like Lahore, where there is heavy rainfall during the monsoon season, it is very important that the building materials are highly resistant to moisture. Otherwise, there is an increased chance of mold infestation.

Noise insulation:

Apart from being resistant to heat and temperature, brick also provides sound insulation. It creates a calm environment in your house by protecting against all the background noises from the outside. As compared to other building materials, brick can protect your house from sound shock.

Cost efficient:

Last but not the least, another advantage of brick is that it is highly cost efficient. It is cheaper than many building materials such as wood, and its advantages make it a wise investment. Many architecture companies in Pakistan also use brick because it costs less.

Brick is considered by many architects in Pakistan as their favorite building material because of the above stated advantages.

Cheap ways by which you can insulate your house


Home insulation is a growing trend in Pakistan. It is a permanent solution to the energy crisis and helps cutting the electricity and gas bills down to a great extent. But as much as the upper class of the country is benefiting from insulation, the lower and the middle class can still not afford it. Any Architect in Pakistan you turn to, will charge you a lot of money for home insulation. Some large associations charge more than the average wages earned by the local people of the country.  So, the poor and middle class families are left to face the energy crisis while the rich are able to find permanent solutions. But, as they say, everything has a solution and all we have to do is to search for it thoroughly. You do not have to pay hundreds of thousands to get your home insulated, you can also do it with a limited budget. Here are some cheap ways of insulating your house:

Seal your windows

You do not have to be highly educated to understand the importance of windows in maintaining the temperature of your house. The glass of the window is not enough to block the air from entering in to your house as the air might seep in through the panes. So, the first step towards insulating your house is to seal your window panes. The simplest way to do it is to place thin plastic film on the panes. You can also use any sealing material available in market. But, make sure that all four sides of your windows are completely sealed to block the air.

Caulk the doors

The gap between your doors and the floor also serves as the passage for air. Sealing your doors can reduce the temperature of your house greatly. You do not need any fancy sealing materials for that. A simple piece of cloth placed under the door would also serve the purpose.

Insulate your water tank

Insulating your water tank will lower the usage of water coolers in summers and water heaters in winters, hence saving money in both the seasons. You can hire a local plumber or a handyman for this purpose who will charge less than expensive home service providing companies.

Install reflective barriers

Reflective barriers are made up of a shiny reflective material like aluminum and act as shades. They reflect off the sunrays providing an excellent thermal insulation for your house. You can install these barriers by yourself or alternatively you can hire someone to do it. These barriers are placed on the roof at an angle where the sunlight is hitting your house.

Mud layering:

Mud is the cheapest material for home insulation. It works just like any other insulating materials such as polyurethane, but costs 5 times less. For mud insulation you should avail services of an Architect in Lahore because you might not be able to do it yourself.

If you adopt the above mentioned, simple methods for home insulation, not only will you fight against the energy crisis, but will also find yourself paying less than half of the bills that you paid before.

Am I Good To Do It Myself Or Does Hiring An Architect Helps?


This question comes in the mind of many home owners, who do not know whether hiring a direct contractor is good for them or do they need to look for an Architect? The question here which everyone needs to see is not about should I or should I not? It is about what would be most beneficial for you and this can only be sorted out if you have a few things answered in your mind which are listed below:

(a) Do you have that kind of time to over look at things?
(b) Are you patient enough?
(c) Do you have the knowledge?
(d) Do you know about the construction SOP’s?
(e) Are you aware of the new trends, designs and techniques?

Hiring an architect in Lahore to overlook work at the construction site while keeping in mind the design is the best thing you can do. You never know if the design you approved will be implemented or not. This means you need to hire an architectural design firm in Lahore which can tell you what is new in the market, what practices are being used, what is important and what is necessary. These firms do not just charge for the design or the name as you may think but they provide top level supervision from excavation to the finished project. They make sure everything you were promised is delivered in the exact same way. Your money is not only well spent but you also get a home which is made sure to stand pressures of time and the changing weather. Architectural firms follow all the SOP’s necessary and by all standards your home is fit to live and is completely safe for your family.

You will not be getting all these options if you hire a contractor, an architect or a supervisor form the architectural firm will be there to explain you about what is going on at what stage. They will keep you in the loop and at the end you would be the one learning new things. We here at Amer Adnan Associates recommend you to look for the best architectural design firm in Lahore to have your dream home constructed. After all it’s your money, your dream, your love that in on the line and we are sure you want nothing but the best.

Your Kids Bedroom; a Dilemma

Kids Bedroom

Ever wondered why your kid’s bedroom turns into a whole complicated process?
The answer is quite simple; a kid’s bedroom is a place where most of his memories are made, his toys, games, and his favorite comforter everything is there. The place usually turns into a mess because your kid has to play, eat and practically do everything. The place has to be organized in such a way that even with all the mess the place looks tidy. Yes, that’s correct tidy!

Having to organize or design your kid’s bedroom is the easiest thing to do these days. With Interior designer, brands of furniture’s available you can customize your kid’s bedroom into anything spectacular. The best of the best are the bunk beds which leave a lot of space for your kids to play around. Especially when the room is a bit smaller, the bunk bed allows you to add a small desk underneath for them to sit and study when they want.

Apart from the bunk beds there are also options like cupboards which are foldable; they can house twice the amount of clothes and shoes in them than any regular cupboard. Also boxes of medium and large sizes are available for placing all the toys and other stuff in them. For the stacking of crayons and other drawing material cylindrical objects are available in all shapes that the kids like to place them. Drawing boards are even available for you to hang on to the walls so that the kids have ample space to draw.

The whole point of a kid’s bedroom is to give them ample space to move and play around. Interior designer keeping things in mind that your kid’s bedroom is going to be the best part of his life where he not only creates memories but has a good time creating them.