A Look at Home Construction in Pakistan

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One of the most rapidly growing industries in Pakistan in terms of business as well as public awareness is architecture. Although the field entails a versatile range of services, when it comes to home construction – architecture is about the creativity of design and efficient utilization of space. It is imperative for any successful home construction company in Pakistan to have a strong business relationship with civil/mechanical engineers. Primarily, in any construction in Lahore or anywhere in Pakistan, it is the civil engineer who focuses on innovation to bring to reality an architect’s creative design. In order to achieve successful results house construction companies in Pakistan aim to maintain good communication, skill and quality control check with their civil contractor.

Considering to be one of the most challenging jobs for an individual and also for an architect, home construction in Pakistan requires expert strategy and execution skills. Modern house designs are simple on the outlook but are very complex to design as they require creative skills that can manage spaces efficiently with a subtle and elegant overall look.

Today parameters such as quality, creativity, productivity, efficient and timely execution of work and safety measures have become key differentiators for the construction industry in Pakistan. Companies that have an edge on the listed benchmarks have a stronger and loyal clientele as opposed to those who have questionable credibility.

Another key element that is part of the home construction job is proper project management. Often companies provide very good home designs and have a good team of engineers lined up to execute the plan. However, they lack efficient project management tools and mechanism in order to monitor the execution of work at every stage and plan ahead of time what needs to be done next.

Companies offering a complete range of residential construction services include building the project from scratch and also indulge in remodeling existing structures to fit the client’s need. The range of services offered by such companies include, full remodeling, concept-to-completion home construction, household repairs, design and plan, design and construction of kitchen, bathroom and rooms separately, outdoor layout and design, basement renovations and designs etc. Home construction companies in Pakistan are often equipped with competitive architects, a team of management staff who look after the completion of each task in the project and supervise the overall project and a team of engineers who are experts in technical/mechanical/electrical tasks on the project.

After discussing the objectives, requirements and the client’s budget architects or home construction companies in Pakistan provide various predesign services such as environmental studies or determining feasibility. Unless it is predefined by the client, home construction companies also assist in the selection of a construction site and accordingly produce a cost analysis and land-use report. For instance, space requirements may be determined by the age/number of potential users of the house. Once the feasibility is approved by the client then the construction company prepares drawings along with a report presenting ideas for the client to review.

Then the construction company/architect develops the final construction plans that demonstrate the building’s details and appearance. The plan also includes drawings of the structural system (ventilation, heating, etc.) plumbing, landscape and site plans and electrical layouts. Construction companies also provide guidance regarding construction material and interior furnishing.

The construction plans are to be continually revised on the basis of client’s needs and budget constraints is a necessary part of the job.

Architects and home construction companies sometimes specialize in one phase of work whereas, most home construction companies in Pakistan cover a greater range of services that focus on planning, predesign services and construction management till the final execution of the project.


Modern and Contemporary Home Designs – How They are Different

Home Design

If you have been around the home construction and decor scene for some time, you must be familiar with the terms, modern and contemporary. These two terms are used often by professional architecture companies in Pakistan to define design trend in accordance with the era. For a layman, the two terms, modern and contemporary may be confusing because of their overlapping characteristics.

Today, we will throw light on the difference between the two home decor styles.

  • Contemporary Home Designs

Contemporary means the design trend that is used right now. Since the contemporary means current, it is dynamic and keeps changing with the passage of time. The contemporary home design trend takes inspiration from different eras which is why we cannot exactly define the characteristics of contemporary home designs. For instance, both traditional and modern artifacts are used to create a contemporary design.

If we talk specifically about the current era, we may define contemporary home design as the one that incorporates odd or unique shape large windows with harmony and open layout plan. Moreover, the contemporary homes also have natural elements such as stone used in finishing. The contemporary home furniture usually comprises clean line and in-ornate details.

  • Modern Home Style

According to leading construction companies in Lahore, the modern style home décor takes inspiration from the 1920s to 1950s. Many are also of the opinion that modern home design trend also takes inspiration from the features of 20th-century homes. In brief, unlike contemporary home design, the modern home design takes inspiration from a specific era.

For a layman, it could be a really difficult to differentiate between a contemporary and modern home design, but to make it easy, one may recognize a modern home design from its unadorned and clean features.

The frequent use of materials such as leather, linen, teak and wood also better define a modern home design. The white walls that give an expansive feeling to a house, are also a prominent feature of modern homes. Besides, bare floors and recurrent use of area rugs are among the defining features of modern-style homes.

Best Flex Room Conversion Ideas for your Home

Flex RoomA flex room is a multifunctional zone in a house that can be used as a hallway, play area for kids or can be transformed into a dining area, when needed. For its high functionality and flexibility, a flex room is therefore, become an important part of a house’s layout plan.

Renowned architects in Pakistan therefore, always suggest their clients to include a flex room in their house as not only it offers more convenience, but increases the value of the property. The 2 in-1 or 3 in-1 utilization of this additional room depends largely on the fact how it is designed and used. Most of the time, the designers make one use of the flex room, but two or three uses of the room are not out of question.

Transforming flex room into another area requires homeowners to bring changes in the interior, but this doesn’t it need them to bring in new furnishings every time. Given below are some methods and techniques which shows how a flex room can be utilized the most.

Convert a Flex Room into Study or Library

Flex Room into Study or LibraryWith simple alterations in the interior, you can convert a flex room into a library or study room. For instance, you can get a bigger bookshelf to segregate the room or you can simply place it against the wall, in case you require more space.

Keep in view that the changes should be made according to the available space. A 5-seater or 3-seater sofa can be replaced with single chairs, while the big center table can go out and the traditional study table can take its place.


Convert a Flex Room into a Media Room

Flex Room into a Media RoomDo you have a flex room alongside the hallway? There are hundreds of ways you can use this room and one most appropriate way to use it is by converting it into a media room, where you can watch your favorite movies or listen to your favorite music.

All you need to do is to simply sound proof the room by installing insulation and then get a big screen TV or projector screen. Then, bring in a decent sound system and place comfortable sofas, so you can enjoy the best of audio and video by crashing on the couch.

Convert a Flex Room into Kids’ Playroom

Flex Room into Kids’ PlayroomA flex room can also be converted into a play area by making necessary changes. Instead of using simple bed, get a wall bed that can be folded back into the wall during day-time. The interior of this room should be done in a way that it provides maximum safety and comfort.

It can be done by placing accessories and furniture with round edges instead of sharp curves. Also, you need to make the room more spacious, instead of stuffing it with too many toys or other items.

Convert a Flex Room into Exercise Areas

If your garage is spacious enough to accommodate more than your vehicles, then bring in a temporary divider and segregate the room to utilize the other half for exercising.

What is the Importance of Veranda in a House?

Veranda in a HouseVeranda is not something new in the architectural history as it has long been a part of the residential buildings. However, in the past few years its importance got a bit diminished. Earlier, in the Mughal era, the use of verandas in the buildings and palaces was common where people used to enjoy family and friends gatherings.

Though, it is still being created in some of the residential buildings in one form or the other but now the trend has changed to a greater extent. Verandas provide you an open air environment with all the comfort of an indoor. In short, verandas are covered outdoor spaces which are furnished and decorated in a way that the family members can enjoy a good time here, especially when the outside weather is just overwhelmingly good.

These are not totally separate entities; rather verandas are covered extension of your building with no walls around. After entering your home’s territory the first place you come across is your veranda. The trend of this outdoor living space is mostly common in the houses built in the hilly areas.

Some of the verandas are partially walled as these have half walls all around ultimately giving you a clearer view of the outside. Such terraces are preferred in the houses which have a direct opening from verandas to outdoors. Usually, houses with such design layout are seen in the hilly areas of Pakistan. Most of the time the roof of the verandas is supported by wooden pillars, which enhance the natural feel of this outdoor living space.

Here you can place chairs, sofas and even a dining table to enjoy an outdoor meal, when the weather outside is good enough. The space can even be utilized at the time of parties when you have invited guests on dinners, meals or on a birthday party.

If you are planning to go for a veranda in your house, do take the advice of an architect in Pakistan, so that getting a best design could become easier. The professional architect will prepare a design layout of it, while keeping the space available, the outside view and off-course your budget.

How to go for a Waterproof Construction for your House?

Waterproof ConstructionIn the wake of latest advancements and inventions in the architectural industry, people are going for smart construction standards, which not only make the residences more attractive but also safer and comfortable than before. This is the reason that now home owners prefer constructing homes which not only are insulated but resistant to moisture and other damages too.

To make a house water and moisture proof, you not only have to consider the construction technicalities but also the type of material used in its making. While selecting the material, you better accompany a professional architect in Pakistan, who could provide you the best advice about the quality, standard, uses, benefits, and cons of particular construction stuff.

Here is what you need to consider while going for water-proof construction.

Use Moisture-Resistant Wall Materials

You can use steel with waterproof coating on it so that it could not corrode or damage. Steel studs and sill plates. A high quality wood that naturally resists decay, can be used in the construction of basic wall structure. Additionally, you can also use cement board, brick, cast stone with waterproof mortar, structural glazed clay tiles, ceramic veneers or ceramic wall tile – mortar set, porcelain glass blocks or glass panels, concrete, glass blocks or glass panels and plaster with metal lath. Besides these, there are various other materials which can be used in making a wall waterproof. The one easiest and most economical way is to paint a wall with weather sheet.

Waterproof the Floors

Floors can also be made waterproof by the usage of impermeable materials such as concrete tile, pre-cast concrete, latex or bituminous formed-in-place can be colored polished and sealed. You can also use non-porous stone, slate, or cast-stone with waterproof mortar. Use clay tile, quarry tile, terrazzo or ceramic tile and rubber sheets or tiles. If you want to go for wooden floor, as this is the prevalent flooring trend all around the Pakistan, use naturally decay-resistant wood subflooring which includes (red wood, cedar, some oaks and bald cypress. Vinyl flooring also serves a waterproof material. Use moisture-resistant mortar or adhesives, mastic or silicone, epoxy, or polyurethane formed-in-place.

Other than using water-resistant construction material, you can also use moisture-resistant paint and coatings on the walls and ceilings. Even in the market, you can find Polyester epoxy or other water-resistant coatings, which are made especially impermeable.

Creating Innovative Storage Spaces in Your Laundry Room

Storage Spaces in Laundry RoomIt is not just kitchen, living room or a dining area, which is most important or least significant in a house. Instead in a perfectly designed house, every area and room is given equal value. Let’s take the example of laundry room, people hardly pay attention to this room even some don’t bother to create this. However, the modern house construction in Pakistan is done while keeping every single perspective in view, so that a dweller could enjoy a comfortable and luxurious living style. Therefore, the modern houses do have a laundry rooms so that you could get everything at your home and there is created no mess of washable clothes.

Like every other room, laundry room has its own specific style interior according to its usage. While designing this specific zone, professionals keep the storage factor above all. They want to create as much storage spaces in it as possible so that it could encompass maximum clothes and washing accessories.

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Get Smart Cabinetry

You have to keep several accessories and items and clothes here therefore, create storage spaces in different styles. A built-in wooden cabinetry, with drawers of different lengths and shapes and also a separate hanging area is the best. The shelves should be larger enough so that here you could place baskets, either of plastic or traditional style bamboo baskets. Also install hooks so that you could hang the items of immediate use such as brush and washing powder. For towels, you can have separate hangers or even the back of main door can also be used to hang items but if overloaded, it can give a messy look.

The space under the countertops can be used to have different kinds of drawers and shells, where you can either hang clothes or can place other necessary items, such as tissues, soaps, detergents, or hangers.
You need to make the segregation of space for tidy and untidy clothes so that, doing work here could become easier and comfortable. Add a basket with wheel and place it under the countertops in a corner, where it is not visible but don’t place it in a closed place.

Creating storage spaces in your house, also depends upon the overall length and width of the room; however, being creative can help you make the most of a small space.

Where you can Add Fireplaces in Your House?

fireplaceDo you think that fireplace is something which only needs to be in one area of your house? Usually, it is made only in one area, typically in the living room of a house, where you enjoy a family get-together and chit-chat. However, with the passage of time, the residential interior designing and constructions trends are getting changed. Now, the modern architects in Pakistan and all across the globe are coming up with new innovative home designing ideas, which not only add a style but also provide maximum functionality.

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For instance, the idea of fireplace in a house is centuries-old but with the passage of time, its place, style and various other things kept on changing, or you can say that there has been seen a consistent improvement in the way of adding a fireplace in a house. For a long time, it has been designed inside a dinning or living room but now, you can watch this typical heating also in other parts of your home, such as in your bedroom, in an outdoor kitchen and a dining area.

The outdoor areas of your house, such as a kitchen or a dinning, being directly exposed to outside climate, are likely to be colder; therefore, cooking or dining here could become a little problematic. Therefore, to keep the inside a little cozier, you can add a typical-style or a traditional style fireplace in it. This will not only prove helpful in keeping a particular area cozier but till will also add a style and contemporary touch.

Building a fireplace in the outdoor of your house even becomes a necessity if your house is located in Northern or hilly areas of Pakistan, where there is seen heavy a snowfall in winters.

You can even take the services of an interior designer in Pakistan, who could design you an ideal hearth inside your house in various designs. Moreover, he will make a design not only by keeping the look but also its functionality.

Suppose if you want to make a fireplace in your outdoor dining area, you need to keep the design of your hearth in compatible with the overall design of your dinning space. For instance, if you have chosen a traditional style, then go for inglenook with typical stone arrangement all around it. This will not only look traditional and stylish but it will be more durable and long-lasting.