Modern and Contemporary Home Designs – How They are Different

Home Design

If you have been around the home construction and decor scene for some time, you must be familiar with the terms, modern and contemporary. These two terms are used often by professional architecture companies in Pakistan to define design trend in accordance with the era. For a layman, the two terms, modern and contemporary may be confusing because of their overlapping characteristics.

Today, we will throw light on the difference between the two home decor styles.

  • Contemporary Home Designs

Contemporary means the design trend that is used right now. Since the contemporary means current, it is dynamic and keeps changing with the passage of time. The contemporary home design trend takes inspiration from different eras which is why we cannot exactly define the characteristics of contemporary home designs. For instance, both traditional and modern artifacts are used to create a contemporary design.

If we talk specifically about the current era, we may define contemporary home design as the one that incorporates odd or unique shape large windows with harmony and open layout plan. Moreover, the contemporary homes also have natural elements such as stone used in finishing. The contemporary home furniture usually comprises clean line and in-ornate details.

  • Modern Home Style

According to leading construction companies in Lahore, the modern style home décor takes inspiration from the 1920s to 1950s. Many are also of the opinion that modern home design trend also takes inspiration from the features of 20th-century homes. In brief, unlike contemporary home design, the modern home design takes inspiration from a specific era.

For a layman, it could be a really difficult to differentiate between a contemporary and modern home design, but to make it easy, one may recognize a modern home design from its unadorned and clean features.

The frequent use of materials such as leather, linen, teak and wood also better define a modern home design. The white walls that give an expansive feeling to a house, are also a prominent feature of modern homes. Besides, bare floors and recurrent use of area rugs are among the defining features of modern-style homes.


Creating Innovative Storage Spaces in Your Laundry Room

Storage Spaces in Laundry RoomIt is not just kitchen, living room or a dining area, which is most important or least significant in a house. Instead in a perfectly designed house, every area and room is given equal value. Let’s take the example of laundry room, people hardly pay attention to this room even some don’t bother to create this. However, the modern house construction in Pakistan is done while keeping every single perspective in view, so that a dweller could enjoy a comfortable and luxurious living style. Therefore, the modern houses do have a laundry rooms so that you could get everything at your home and there is created no mess of washable clothes.

Like every other room, laundry room has its own specific style interior according to its usage. While designing this specific zone, professionals keep the storage factor above all. They want to create as much storage spaces in it as possible so that it could encompass maximum clothes and washing accessories.

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Get Smart Cabinetry

You have to keep several accessories and items and clothes here therefore, create storage spaces in different styles. A built-in wooden cabinetry, with drawers of different lengths and shapes and also a separate hanging area is the best. The shelves should be larger enough so that here you could place baskets, either of plastic or traditional style bamboo baskets. Also install hooks so that you could hang the items of immediate use such as brush and washing powder. For towels, you can have separate hangers or even the back of main door can also be used to hang items but if overloaded, it can give a messy look.

The space under the countertops can be used to have different kinds of drawers and shells, where you can either hang clothes or can place other necessary items, such as tissues, soaps, detergents, or hangers.
You need to make the segregation of space for tidy and untidy clothes so that, doing work here could become easier and comfortable. Add a basket with wheel and place it under the countertops in a corner, where it is not visible but don’t place it in a closed place.

Creating storage spaces in your house, also depends upon the overall length and width of the room; however, being creative can help you make the most of a small space.

Inspiring Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Outdoor DecorThere is much discussed on internet about interior designing, architecture and indoor decoration — which involves living room, guest room, kitchen, dining, hallway, stairs, kids’ room and much more. Have you ever thought that decorating your house is outdoor is equally important as your indoor? Anyone getting into your house first passes through the outdoor, which involves patios and lawn; therefore, this is where first impression of your residence is taken from. Here are some useful ideas which can help you creating an ideal outdoor and for which you might have hired the services of a renowned construction company in Pakistan.

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Decorate Patios in Innovative Ways

Patio leads a guest to inside of your house; therefore, you need to make it more welcoming with stoned flooring and pebbled sideways. You can add different kinds of plants and flowers grown in a particular order. You can add a modern-style cradle here where you can enjoy the outdoor air and blue sky.

Make a Living Area on One Side

Patios can be used as an outdoor living or dining areas but for this you need to prepare the ambiance accordingly. Place traditional style furniture or add modern furniture with a center table and chairs around it, even you can place sofas but for that there should be an overhead covering. You can have hooked umbrella to avoid direct exposure to sunlight. You can either place the special kind of lighting on the nearby plants or getting proper lighting fixtures could also be a good idea.

Add a Fireplace

Adding a modern- style fireplace, that can help you enjoy social get-togethers at your home in winters. Fireplace could be in one of the boundary walls or it can be centered. It all depends on your taste, which kind of fireplace you want for your outdoor.

Create an Ambiance Closer to Nature

An ambiance closer to the nature helps keeping you fresh and active; where you can enjoy a different time than that you spend inside your house. If your outdoor is bigger enough, add an artificial waterfall that is closer to the natural and add some sea creature in it like fish, turtles. An experienced, renowned and skilled interior designer can design different kinds of waterfalls while looking at the space available. In the similar way, you can add pebbles and grow palm trees to create more of a natural environment.

What Causes Roof Leaks and How to avoid them?

Roof LeaksRoof leaks are dangerous because these may weaken the whole structure of your house, ultimately causing dampness. If not repaired on proper time, the water leakage not only damages roof, but also harms plaster on the walls and causes dry rots. It may also damage your floor and accessories placed in that area. Moreover, if left untreated for months, it may create molds and bacteria that start emitting special kinds of chemicals, which are not good for health.

What Causes a Roof Leak?

Usually, the improper installation and defective roof flashings leave some spaces or smaller holes for rainwater to seep through. Therefore, whenever you are going to construct a home, hire the services of a renowned construction company, which could provide you with the best work.

Reference: Roof Leak Damages – What are the Different Preventive Measures to Control it?

The main reason for which people delay the repairing of leakages is that they remain unable to detect them. Here are some tips using which it becomes easier for you to locate the leaking space on your roof.

  • Regularly examine the water flow on your roof during the rainy season; a clear observation will help you see where the water is entering in the holes. Find out if there is any unlevelled surface on the roof because here the water can start seeping through, if not removed.
  • Checkout thoroughly, the blockages in the sewerage pipes. If there is any debris, clutter or any other thing, get it removed immediately. Moreover, the joints of the shingles alongside the chimney, vent and skylights may also become a cause of water seepage.

How to Avoid Water Leakages?

  • The one easiest way of doing it, is to keep your roof clean of debris, particularly before the rain. Clean up all the gutters and other sewerage system to ensure a smooth flow of water.
  • Either you have located the leakage point or not, in both the cases you need to take the services of a professional because he, being a professional best knows which material is good for the repairing work and how the whole leakage treatment should be done.

The professional will remove the old cracked sealant, which was used around the vent and chimney to fill it up with the high quality outdoor silicon to prevent leakage. Wrong filling may fail the purpose of stopping seepage; therefore, instead of using DIY techniques, you should rely on your professional, you hired.

The Improvements You Need for Increasing Your House Value

House InteriorWhether you want a home improvement with resale perspective or to prolong your stay in your house – in both the cases there is a need to go for some structural as well as interior designing changes. You cannot use just simple DIY techniques; instead there is a need to hire the services of a construction company in Pakistan, which also provides interior designing services.

Some Structural Improvements

Structural changes are usually made, when you want to make some major improvements to widen or restructure a particular area of your house. Usually, for old-houses there is a need to make more improvements, especially if these are not renovated on the regular intervals. Structural improvements can be any area like – kitchen, if you want to change the design or location, bathroom, living room or any other room. Sometimes when you have a plenty of space in your house, you can utilize this area to add more rooms or a library. In the similar way, if your house is a single-story building, you can add another floor to enhance its value as well as utilization. For structural, changes, you have to hire the services of an modern architect in Pakistan because such improvements cannot be made without the help of a professional.

Important: If the improvement is meant to increase the resale value of your house, make sure you do not spend a large portion of your budget on the renovation.

Interior Designing Changes

Interior designing changes are made far more frequently than the structural changes because these are less expensive and even you can use simple DIY techniques to redecorate your house. Usually, the interior of a house is changed occasionally – like on special occasions or on the changing weather. In the summers, a house interior is maintained in a way that it could minimize the hot weather’s effect and so is done in the winters. You can refresh the paint of your house, change the cabinetry, replace the furniture and also change the lighting of your house. In the similar way, you can relocate the furniture and other items placed in your house. Add new decorative items and dispose-off the old ones. Make little improvements like changing the cabinetry of your kitchen, change the ceilings and refresh the look of your doors either by polishing or repaiqqnting them.

This is how; you can keep the look of your house up to the mark.