4 Home Ceiling Styles to Pick From

As you set off on a journey to construct a new home for you and your family, there are numerous things you need to choose carefully. The ceiling is one of them. The crucial element greatly adds to the interior of your home.

Whether you opt for plain, simple or contemporary ceiling design, it is important to make sure that the style you choose is in line with your home’s interior theme. If you look at modern house designs in Pakistan these days, you’ll come across some amazing ceiling designs that will leave you in the state of awe.

Today, AmerAdnan Associates will share some unique and stylish home ceiling designs for your new abode.

1: Exposed Beams Ceiling

Exposed Beams Ceiling

The ceilings with exposed beams were a norm if we get back into the seventies or eighties, however, in the modern day, we can hardly find them in residential settings. The interior designers in Pakistan and around the world have now come up with a new way of adding statement making ceilings.

They have incorporated real or artificial exposed beams in the ceilings that are painted in wood-grains pattern or in solid colors. The exposed beam ceilings give an open feel and are considered a blend of classic and contemporary home décor.

2: Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

The coffered ceiling appears like a grid with repetitive sunken squares, triangles, rectangles spread across the ceiling. If the grid boxes are given a wood-like paint, they look more amazing.

The centre part of grid boxes in a coffered ceiling is where the interior decorators usually install flush-mount lights. It could be in plain white or any other color that is in conformity with the room’s theme.

Some interior decorators also suggest installing wallpapers in the grid boxes. The coffered ceiling is ideal for halls like dining rooms, living rooms and drawing rooms.

3: Tray Style Ceiling

Tray Style Ceiling

The tray style ceilings have been around for quite a while now. As the name suggests, the tray style ceiling appears just alike the inner side of a tray.

The simpler tray-style ceiling design could mean something like a single inverted tray, whereas a complicated one boast more detail work and cut-out designs.

The inner portion of a tray ceiling with intricate design is recessed. A tray ceiling can make a small room appear big.

4: Domed Ceiling

Domed Ceiling

To some, the domed ceiling may seem like an obsolete idea, but the modern day domed ceilings are not at all the traditional kind.

They are usually made of fibreglass or wood and offer good inflow of light from the rooftop. It is said this ceiling can give a spacious feel.


Pastels – What to look for & How to do it?


It’s something in the winter/fall season that makes us all go mellow and sink deeper into ourselves and the others around us. The whole season speaks of comfort, pleasure and love. Comfort food, family gatherings, movies all night, and there are those times which you spend alone. The reason I mentioned all these events and little tidbits was to tell you that you need colors around you to match these moods. These settings, gathering all work with pastel shades. Yes, pastel shades are mellow colors that are soft to look at and the best part is all these colors can be presented in a single room and it would look all good. Interior Designers in Lahore are well aware of all this information and that’s how they are able to help you to their best.

Pastel shades include mellow tones of Magenta, Violets, Blues, Greens, Yellows and Oranges.
Your entire home can be done in pastel colors and different rooms can show different moods and present different settings. The only thing lacking here would be the confidence of interior designers in Lahore or interior designers in Pakistan and clients to apply this. This is a very bold move, yes you heard me right a very bold one indeed! In the world of glamour there are two things that work. One is your own boldness, if you can pull this off and if you do not feel guilty or do not have pressures from your family. The other is if you are a glamour girl and are willing to set for something artistic and classy in nature. What we can tell you is that once you work with the right designer, pastel shades and your home will turn into something magnificent. Not only will your home have a secret hide out from Florence, Rome or Paris but it will also be the envy of many homes. Pastel shades are easy to work with and you do not even need expensive accessories to work with the colors. Any fabric of pastel shades, along with some light colored furniture and then the walls of the same color will create magic and nothing else.

Mixing the Yellow & Shades


Fall is here for most parts of the world and for many of us it’s time to change the décor and match it with the coming winter. Not everyone is a fan of yellow and its darker shades but we will tell you a secret, it adds class and sophistication to your home and your taste. Bright yellow, yes at times can be offensive and can put people off but you need much darker shades of yellow. Mustard, for example is a beautiful color and works perfectly with brown or white. With white it sets out the contrast of elegance, and brings out the boldness in the design. With brown it meshes and sets comfortably with other dark wood furniture and blends to a creative mix.

Now yellow has several darker shades like Goldenrod, mustard, Gold (metallic), Jonquil etc. All these shades when applied on fabric gets much darker and give the ambience you need. Now these fabrics can be of any material. Silk will go well, cotton meshes perfectly as well, these can be used for spreads, table clothes, cushions, mats anything you need covering on. These shades of yellow are also perfect for an evening meal at the patio or backyard where you have the perfect set of a wooden bench with table and the earthy tones will match up to be perfect. Yellow is the perfect shade for a bright winter morning where you rest nestled against the cushions, a hot coffee mug in your hand. According to a professional interior designer in Lahore, yellow not only adds grace but also style and glamour at the same time. As fall and winter approach in Pakistan, people wear more bright shades as they just blend in with the surrounding and make the extravagant forefront. We recommend you go shop for a while before selecting shades of yellow, as it has to blend in with the furniture and the overall look of your house. That’s why Best interior designer in Lahore are the best to be hired.