Window Designs That Would Prevail Home Construction in 2017

Whether you are on a mission to re-do your home exterior or are constructing a home from the scratch, choosing the right windows is always crucial. It’s not about selecting the classic arch windows over the modern horizontal sliders, it’s about picking the design that is in line with the latest home construction trends.

According to architects in Pakistan and around the world, windows are among the key elements that make up your home’s elevation. Although every window design comes with its unique set of advantages, the front windows of a home need to be selected carefully.

Here we have listed 3 window design trends that will be the hot picks of 2017.

  • Horizontal Sliding Windows

These windows have been popular since the start of twenty first century and are likely to top the list of architects and property owners throughout 2017. An overview of today’s modern homes will reveal to you that over ninety percent of the dwellings have used horizontal sliding windows.

Owing to the fact that they can seamlessly merge with any home exterior design. These windows open with the sash sliding. Another major reason behind their popularity is they are easy to open and close.

  • Jalousie Windows

Jalousie windows are among the most popular choices, especially when it comes to luxury homes in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Apart from their popularity in homes, the jalousie windows are also highly appreciated in commercial settings.

According to architects, these windows are best suited for cities with mild winters. One can install them with cedar slats and with the multiple glass options. Another good thing about these windows is the louvers of Jalousie windows open and closes conveniently.

  • Bow Windows

This home window design is works well for bungalows and helps to add a dramatic extension to a home’s elevation. For all those who highly appreciate classic architecture and want to add an architectural accent to their home’s exterior, the bow windows, also known as bay windows, can be an excellent choice for your abode.

These windows are constructed out of wood or metal frames. If you want to ensure your windows can withstand direct exposure to all kinds of weather, you should opt for the aluminium frame.


Eating Out in the Garden – Creative Architectural Design Idea

ImageNow wouldn’t it be remarkable if we all had place in our homes where we all could enjoy the sunset and an evening meal? Well, to be honest I do not know what we all Pakistani’s look for or are thinking because our first reaction is “It’s going to be expensive and time consuming”.

My point here is if people all across the world can do these projects themselves than what stops us, what it takes is to hire services of a reliable Interior designer in Pakistan who provides you with the ideas to fix this up. We all are capable of doing it. Let me explain how.

All those gardens at the front or at the back we have are not just for sitting and relaxing with an evening or morning tea. We can redecorate them with just a few minimum items and be done with it. They can turn out to be proper settings for evening informal dinners with family and friends. There are certain things that you might need like fluorescent lightings. These are available at all our local Shadi shops in Lahore that arrange the fireworks and lightings on mehndi’s and barats. You can just go and purchase a set from them for no more than PKR 2000- PKR 3000. They can serve not just as interior décor but can be used anywhere in the house for later celebrations as well. Second important thing is the furniture, rather than the plastic table set we all have a wooden bench would be just perfect. The wooden bench is a table which has the bench connected to it. All local furniture shops can have this made roughly, in the most rustic form for the same price you would get the set of 6 chairs and a table. The third thing that can help to finalize this all is a wooden frame. Yes, these can be made by the furniture guys from your local shops or you can even purchase them from stores. An artificial grape vine or a plant that sticks to furniture, lots of them are available at the local nursery, will finish it all up.

Set up the frame and the bench in a corner or in the middle of the garden and cover the frame work with the vine and the lights. Arrange them in any way you want and then stand back to see the glory of it all. In no time, you will have a perfect setting for an informal dinner with your in-laws, family, friends or you could even hold a bbq at your place.