4 Home Ceiling Styles to Pick From

As you set off on a journey to construct a new home for you and your family, there are numerous things you need to choose carefully. The ceiling is one of them. The crucial element greatly adds to the interior of your home.

Whether you opt for plain, simple or contemporary ceiling design, it is important to make sure that the style you choose is in line with your home’s interior theme. If you look at modern house designs in Pakistan these days, you’ll come across some amazing ceiling designs that will leave you in the state of awe.

Today, AmerAdnan Associates will share some unique and stylish home ceiling designs for your new abode.

1: Exposed Beams Ceiling

Exposed Beams Ceiling

The ceilings with exposed beams were a norm if we get back into the seventies or eighties, however, in the modern day, we can hardly find them in residential settings. The interior designers in Pakistan and around the world have now come up with a new way of adding statement making ceilings.

They have incorporated real or artificial exposed beams in the ceilings that are painted in wood-grains pattern or in solid colors. The exposed beam ceilings give an open feel and are considered a blend of classic and contemporary home décor.

2: Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

The coffered ceiling appears like a grid with repetitive sunken squares, triangles, rectangles spread across the ceiling. If the grid boxes are given a wood-like paint, they look more amazing.

The centre part of grid boxes in a coffered ceiling is where the interior decorators usually install flush-mount lights. It could be in plain white or any other color that is in conformity with the room’s theme.

Some interior decorators also suggest installing wallpapers in the grid boxes. The coffered ceiling is ideal for halls like dining rooms, living rooms and drawing rooms.

3: Tray Style Ceiling

Tray Style Ceiling

The tray style ceilings have been around for quite a while now. As the name suggests, the tray style ceiling appears just alike the inner side of a tray.

The simpler tray-style ceiling design could mean something like a single inverted tray, whereas a complicated one boast more detail work and cut-out designs.

The inner portion of a tray ceiling with intricate design is recessed. A tray ceiling can make a small room appear big.

4: Domed Ceiling

Domed Ceiling

To some, the domed ceiling may seem like an obsolete idea, but the modern day domed ceilings are not at all the traditional kind.

They are usually made of fibreglass or wood and offer good inflow of light from the rooftop. It is said this ceiling can give a spacious feel.


How to Create a Welcoming Effect in your Hallway?

HallwayWhy is there so much emphasis on improving the look of your hallway? Being an entry way of your house, it serves as a style statement from where people make perception of the rest of interior. Therefore, working on your hallway decoration and functionality is justified. By hiring a professional and renowned interior designer in Pakistan you can get every nook and corner of your house decorated in an ideal way.

Here is what you can do to bring a welcoming effect in your hallway.

Use a Brighter Color

Your entryway should not be painted with a dark shaded paint that creates an overall dull appearance; instead use brighter colors such as light green, sky blue, off-white or any other similar color. Adding paint is not the only way to add colors; rather there are hundreds of ways of doing it. For instance, place a colorful rug just few steps away from the door and if there is a window in this hallway, hang colorful curtains which match with the rest of accessories.

Use Creative Ways of Increasing Brightness

Hallways are usually dark because usually there is one or no window in these entry ways. However, if you are creative enough, then converting it into a brighter is never too difficult. If there is one window or place where light is entering from, place a mirror right opposite to it to reflect it back into the hallway. This way you can create a brightness and livelier effect in this entryway.

Add Smart Storage Solutions

Obviously you need to place various items of use here but scattered accessories may give a messy impression; so, having smart storage solutions is necessary. If stairs are passing from your hallway, you can have storage spaces underneath to place the items of immediate use.

Besides, you can also have sitting benches with drawers and other storage spaces under them. You can also have a hanging stand, where you can hang your umbrella, rain coat and other accessories, which you use while going outside of house.

Add Details

It largely depends upon your creativity how you add details to enhance the overall value of this area. For instance, like other areas of your house such as a living room and a dining room, you can add paintings and other decorative art on the walls all around.

A professional and modern interior designer in Lahore can provide you better advice for the best decoration of your hallway.

Why Choosing Laminated Glass for Your Windows is the Right Choice?

Laminated GlassFor home owners, the biggest concern is the security; therefore, when it comes to choosing doors and windows there is given a special preference to quality materials. Unlike doors, which are mostly made up of wood, windows have different types of glass.

The type of glass in the windows may vary with respect to its designs and materials. Its price depends upon quality, the high quality materials cost higher than the normal or plan glass. If you are really concerned about the security and decoration in your house, use laminated glass as it has an edge over the simple glass for following reasons. For a better advice, you must consult a renowned interior designer in Pakistan.

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Benefits of Laminated Glass

  • As compared to laminated glass it is highly durable and has a considerable resistance towards breakage, this is the reason that it also referred as security glass. Usually, the laminated glass windows have a protective vinyl layer of material inside two pieces of glass. In case of a severe hit, if a vinyl glass breaks it does not cause as much harm because its vinyl inner layer does not let the shards spread around. The shards stay adhered due to the vinyl liner.
  • If the laminated glass is provided with additional break-in protection, it cannot be cut from the outside even if someone uses glass cutters.
  • If your house is located in a commercial area, then you must be sick of noise pollution that comes from traffic and crowd of people. Therefore, in a bid to promote a more peaceful living, you must get laminated glass windows as these keep the sound off. When you join two panes together in a window there is created an air space between them, which further strengthens soundproofing quality of laminated glass.
  • Another biggest advantage the laminated glass offers is its resistant to Ultra Violet rays which if fall on the furniture and other items directly, can fade their appearance. The type of glass is said to block these harmful rays up to 95% percent and allow light to pass through easily.

The glass can withstand different climatic conditions and it does not break in the hurricanes, heavy rainfalls and storms and even if it does, the shards don’t scatter in the air as it happens with the normal glass.

Ideal Storage Options in a Hallway

Storage OptionsWhy is that necessary to create extra storage solutions inside your house? Certainly the one obvious reason is making your residence more functional but the second fact is enhancing the look of your house. With more storage solutions, it becomes much easier for you to keep your house clutter-free. However, for such a creative work in your house, you need to take the services of an interior designer in Pakistan.

Although, there are several places and rooms where you can create storage spaces but in a hallway you need to be more creative.

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Under-Stair Storage

The best area to utilize is under-stair as here you can create pull-in drawers, open shelves or cupboards, depending upon the space and the type of usage. If there is enough space available, you can create a home-office, a hallway toilet or a closet to keep the items of daily use such as a vacuum cleaner, a mop/tool box/ or any other thing of the daily use. Even if the space is smaller, you can make a shoe rack. There are hundreds of ways you can utilize the under-stair space as a storage solution.

Hanging Space

If you don’t have sufficient space to create shelve and closets then simply use a place in a corner to hang the items such as rain coats, umbrellas, your sports kit or any other thing. Even if you want to use this place just as a creativity corner, then hanging sceneries is the right choice.

Loose Change Hallway Storage Shelf

If you are not willing to spend more effort and money on creating storage spaces in your hallway, then using ‘loose change hallway’ storage shelves’ is a smart choice as it is simple to install and covers minimum space and provides storage solution for the light-weight products of immediate use.

Prop Coat Stand and Storage Shelf

The idea of placing a prop coat stand and a storage shelf against your hallway walls is just perfect as it covers minimum space and also enhances the value of a particular area. Such storage solutions save you from the hassle of screwing anything into the wall.

Hallway Storage Bench

A hallway storage bench, which usually has a storage spaces underneath, can be placed alongside a window or under the stairs to sit and to store the items of important use.

Besides the above mentioned storage solutions, you can find many other just by consulting a renowned interior designer in Lahore.

Types of Materials to be used in Furniture Manufacturing

Furniture ManufacturingThinking of furniture the common perception that comes in our minds is ‘made-of-wood’. Undoubtedly, mostly furniture inside a house is made up of different types of wood either in pure form or in mixed formed. Usually, high quality wooden furniture is made up of pure hardwood. While selecting furniture for a luxury house in Pakistan, you don’t need to limit yourself just to wood, there are various other materials which have their own uses because wood is not suitable everywhere as in some outdoor areas such as lawns and outdoor living space, because it gets amended or damaged if exposed directly to sunlight or rain for a longer time period.

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Wood is used everywhere and it is perhaps the oldest type of material to be used as furniture. For its look, versatility, variety of forms and features, it is being used in making every kind of furniture from bed to chairs, tables, windows, benches, iron stands and much more. Even these days, using wooden floor is a common trend.

Plastic Furniture

Plastic furniture comes in the category of lower type of furniture for its quality, low weight and features. Therefore, it is hardly being used inside of a house, rather it is used in an outdoor living space or lawn where you spend your morning time or evening time. However, these are not recommended for long sitting. Although, these are easy to clean and can be washed but their color gets faded in a shorter time span and this is what you cannot repair or refresh.


Being a 100 percent natural material, it has also been used in furniture making for centuries. Prices of cane furniture differ with respect to its type, design and quality. However, it can be decorated and amended into different shapes to design highly appealing furniture.

Mild Steel

Mild steel is the most popular type of metal furniture and is economical to purchase. Its price vary but maximum price can be even in the range of a layman. For instance, a dining table with powder coating may cost up to rupees 5000.